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Supply chain solutions give aerospace companies a competitive edge in this highly regulated industry. Reducing costs, increasing margins and improving efficiency through innovative, knowledge-based strategies differentiates leading companies from their rivals.

Syncron’s Global Price Management and Global Inventory Management solutions are built to enhance your global strategy, fit the needs of your specific niche and help open the lines of communication between your supply chain partners. 

To gain an edge on the competition, OEMs must improve efficiency within Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO), and inventory management solutions have proven capabilities to streamline spare part planning cycles with the ultimate goal of reducing Aircraft on Ground (AOGs) to the lowest possible cost.

Figure 1: Movement of serviceable parts through the supply chain


Syncron Global Inventory Management provides:

  • Advanced optimization for rotable items and dynamic inventory policies, managing scenarios that take into account the repair lead time vs. supplier lead time, along with the effect of scrapping
  • Planning and segmentation of thousands of items with multiple and overlapping characteristics
  • Visibility across many locations and improved parts availability by optimizing what to stock and where to stock the inventory
  • Analysis and simulation of the impact of changes in demand, service or costs

Price management software helps you grow margin and make more informed pricing decisions by proactively developing a structure that ties price to the characteristics of the item. Syncron Global Price Management uses part characteristics, such as complexity or replacement rate, to create part segments where optimum price strategies are applied. To be successful in the aerospace industry, companies need to be able to react quickly to market complexity with price execution.

Syncron Global Price Management is used by companies to:

  • Manage hundreds of price lists along with competitive and transactional data
  • Eliminate outdated pricing tools, such as spreadsheets, and implement advanced pricing strategies
  • Gain complete visibility into true profitability
  • Gather and store competitive data and customer feedback

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