Economic conditions and government regulations are causing major shifts in the vehicle mix that will affect future repair opportunities.  Technological advances in transmissions and fuel injection designs, as well as the growing popularity of diesel and hybrid vehicles, will dictate coverage and inventory decisions for years to come.  Along with these technical advancements, the average age of vehicles continues to rise.1 This phenomenon is particularly apparent in countries like China and India. As a result, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) globalization is becoming the new normal.2


How can I improve inventory management at my dealers? 

While these challenges could be viewed as barriers to success, they are also opportunities on which aftermarket manufacturers can capitalize.  Syncron has developed solutions with the specific needs of the automotive industry and its aftermarket divisions and companies. As the service parts  business continues to grow as a revenue stream and critical driver of customer satisfaction, software that addresses the unique needs of the aftermarket can drive costs down, increase margins and improve satisfaction.

Solving problems at your dealers.

For companies struggling to update and maintain in-house RIM solutions, Dealer Inventory Management software addresses automatic replenishment requirements, part return program and an easy to use interface. Today, thousands of dealers use our RIM solution to manage inventory.  As a result, our solution addresses the key challenges associated with a RIM rollout:

  • Integration with multiple DMS systems
  • Poor quality data from your dealers
  • Dealer adoption and training
  • Dealer part return and buyback
  • Effective implementation and roll-out

Warehouse planning for the aftermarket

Whether you need to improve availability at your regional distribution centers or differentiate your pricing, Syncron has a solution that can handle unlimited parts and complex product groupings. Our inventory and pricing software can help you design, plan and execute winning strategies that enhance the value of every part you offer.  Demand forecasts, inventory and replenishment plans make it easy to ensure the right stock is at the right place at the right time - regardless of the complexity of your offerings.  Our sophisticated tools execute prices and optimize pricing automatically to ensure maximum profits.   And our powerful analytics provide the data needed to inform capacity and production decisions on a global scale. 

Our solutions are designed to cope with lots of parts, customers and suppliers. We leverage efficient and dynamic business processes that focus on optimizing global inventories, improved profitability and increasing supply chain agility. Our functionality tackles problems like redistribution, vendor selection and rotable inventory

1 Deloite. "Driving Aftermarket Value: Upgrade Spare Parts Supply Chain." - Automotive Newsletter Dec 2013. IHS, Dec. 2013.
2 Seng, Mark. "Near-term Trends Influencing the Automotive Aftermarket." - 2013 Deloitte Consulting.

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