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It is a time of accelerating change for those in the energy and utilities sector.  Increasing demand, regulatory requirements, and aging infrastructure are just some of the stressors forcing utility companies to evolve or be left behind.  Most are exploring innovative ways to incorporate emerging technologies as they plan for the future, which is  already having a profound impact on service and maintenence teams.

Many utilities have inherited or migrated towards supply chain models that position substantial amounts of inventory in the field.   As new energy sources are introduced, it becomes increasingly more complex to keep track of all the critical parts needed to avoid service disruptions.  Service teams need parts to maintain existing yet aging equipment, unusual parts meant to bridge a gap before assets are replaced, and a wide-range of parts to maintain completely new technologies that are being tested.  The cost to carry all of the potential options in one location is prohibitive, yet slowdowns in service are not an option. 

How does Syncron handle MRO Inventory Management?

Syncron can help.  Global Inventory Management  utilizes sophisticated demand planning techniques to control inventory and make it easy to anticipate what to stock and where to stock it.  In addition, Syncron offers sophisticated MRO capabilities to improve your service and repair time for rotable stock. Increased visibility, virtual planning and inventory redistribution functions help determine:

  • Which items can be stocked at a central or virtual distribution center and deployed to the field when required.
  • Which items are critical to stock in the field for emergency work, including what quantities are necessary to avoid excessive replenishment lead times.
  • Where to access items across the network when unplanned or unexpected events require unusual parts.
  • When to replenish items to minimize emergency orders and excessive transportation expenses.

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