Upstream Oil & Gas

In the upstream Oil & Gas space, there are many complexities in the management of assets. Given the typically global nature and mission-critical element of replacement and or rotable parts, the use of Intelligent Central  Planning can significantly impact your bottom line.

Syncron provides both global and granular visibility into your fleet of equipment, identifying trends and geographies.  The Syncron parts planning tool is a SaaS, Web-Based GUI that seamlessly integrates into your ERP system and virtualizes your global inventory of spare and rotable parts, logically identifying multi-echelon optimal stocking levels and locations.

When it comes to Obsolescence Prevention challenges, the Syncron Virtual Warehousing approach eliminates the difficulties in slow moving and expensive equipment. Parts that fit these criteria are identified by the system and geographically close rigs are virtually grouped.  The ‘natural’ main warehouse is selected as the Virtual Warehouse and demand from all locations in the virtual group is now pooled at the Virtual Warehouse.

Gone is the need to cobble together disparate and antiquated systems and spreadsheets in lieu of Syncron’s best-of-breed, powerful and advanced tools. With the Syncron Parts Locator, finding and re-ordering replacement parts is a simple and seamless process.

It would be difficult to find an industry where downtime is more expensive and disruptive to operations than the Oil & Gas space. The companies that operate in this industry are well aware of this factor. Syncron provides a powerful and verifiable solution to both reduce downtime and increase profitability and efficiencies of upstream operations with powerful, advanced and differentiated solutions.