Master Data Management

High-quality aftermarket processes require high-quality master data management (MDM). Syncron is the quickest path to better master data. MDM is a cross-functional, technically complex and process-oriented, particularly if you are managing thousands or millions of items. OEMs and Distributors with aftermarket or spare parts operations leverage MDM to standardize data related to:

  • Items
  • Customers
  • Suppliers

Although many companies have invested in new, sophisticated enterprise applications, the data those systems generate is not centrally managed.  Without accurate, consistent data, you run the risk of:

  • Slower time to market
  • Supply chain inefficiency
  • Higher cost of compliance
  • Sales inefficiency
  • Misguided marketing efforts
  • Lost customer loyalty

Our MDM solution works as a central hub that consolidates all the reference data, along with the cross-references to source systems, into one master data record. Using your defined and configurable rules and policies, the solution continually monitors and evaluates all changes made to master data, both in local systems and to global golden records within the master data hub.

Our multi-domain master data management solution is easily integrated with existing tools and can be bundled with our other solutions, including our inventory and price optimization tools. It delivers consolidated, consistent and authoritative master data across the enterprise and distributes this master information to all operational and analytical applications, so you can:

  • Integrate your business and trading partners
  • Reduce data administration labor costs with 30-50%
  • Increase global data quality
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction

Make our master data an integral part of your aftersales service toolbox to optimize your extended supply chain and pricing processes and accelerate profit growth, free up valuable resources and cut costs.