Global Inventory Management

Managing inventory can be a daunting task for an enterprise with tens of thousands of products in hundreds of locations. The challenge is even greater when the locations are situated in different tiers or echelons of the enterprise’s distribution network.

Global Inventory Management from Syncron is built from the point of view of people who are planning in these multi-echelon environments. As a result, our solution helps you:

stock management

For more than a decade, Syncron has provided best-in-class inventory management software that helps you:

  • Develop inventory strategies that support your overall business objectives, which drives sales and profitability
  • Adapt policies and stocking strategies to easily address changing market conditions and business objectives
  • Reduce excess stock and obsolescence cost while improving service using the best algorithms in combination with analytics
  • Achieve your target ROI with a low total cost of ownership and rapid implementation 

Retail Inventory Management

The availability of parts at your dealers drive sales, profit, and customer loyalty. Our dealer or retail inventory management solution addresses the unique planning requirements of dealers. It gives you tools to:

dealer management software

  • Control inventory and gain visibility of dealer sales
  • Improve forecasting across the entire network by incorporating feedback from your dealers
  • Increase service levels at your dealer locations
  • Incorporate information about new and critical parts at the dealer
  • Decrease write-offs from obsolete stock

With lessons learned from implementing dealer inventory management programs around the world, Syncron’s software addresses the critical needs of both you and your dealers:

  • Transfer of operational responsibility from the dealer to the manufacturer to improve inventory optimization
  • Active elimination of obsolete stock using sophisticated redistribution techniques that lower inventory and transfer costs
  • Replenishment functionality that helps your dealers focus on inventory with significant demand changes to save time
  • Return management functionality that tracks and automates the return of items that do not sell, which gives dealers confidence
  • Integration with multiple Dealer Management Systems (DMS) so your can quickly implement your retail inventory management program 


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