Inventory Management Software

Right stock at the right place at the right time. Through a simple to use exception based interface, inventory management for millions of products across a complex global supply chain is made easy.

Business benefits:

  • 30-50% increase in stock availability
  • 20-50% reduction in finished goods inventory
  • 70% decrease in rush orders
  • 30%-50% improvement in team productivity

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Syncron’s Global Inventory Management software provides accurate demand forecasts, inventory and replenishment plans across your global supply chain. It does not matter if your global supply chain is built on multiple IT systems or you want to integrate your business partners in the inventory planning process, Syncron has the solutions to tie it all together.

Through a simple to use exception based interface, managing millions of products across a complex supply chain is made easy. The results are revenue growth from increased stock availability and improvements in working capital driven by overall inventory reductions.

Within only three to six months of using the Syncron solution, our sales and service units started to realize multiple benefits.

Mikko Vepsalainen, Metso Minerals

In addition, Syncron Global Inventory Management software can decrease expediting and transportation costs while decreased number of rush orders and intelligent transportation set-ups helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

Syncron has developed three supply chain inventory management software solution packages that focus on inventory optimization in the unique parts of your supply chain network. These packages are implemented separately or as a whole depending on your needs.

Global Inventory Management Software: Dealer Inventory Management
Dealer Inventory Management, some time also referred to as Retail Inventory Management (RIM), is designed to automatically replenish dealer or distributor locations to optimize their inventory of service parts while providing optimal service levels to your end-customers.

This package includes capabilities for Dealer Management System (DMS) integration, functionality specific to spare parts planning such as flexible and more robust parts segmentation, forecasting techniques to handle highly sporadic and intermittent demand, automatic replenishment, inventory redistribution (horizontal replenishment), support for managing returns and more.

Global Inventory Management Software: Enterprise Inventory Management
Enterprise Inventory Management is designed to calculate accurate demand forecasts and replenishment plans to optimize the global inventories held in your enterprise supply chain network.

The package includes capabilities for demand planning and forecasting, inventory optimization, replenishment planning, multi-echelon planning, virtual inventory planning, inventory redistribution and return management, reports, KPI’s and more.

Global Inventory Management Software: Supplier Inventory Management
Supplier Inventory Management is designed to extend inventory management collaboration with your suppliers. The package includes capabilities for supplier integration, functionality specific for supplier collaboration such as capturing call offs, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), agreement management and more.

To learn more about our supply chain inventory management software solution, view our videos below!

  1. Optimizing service parts management at Volvo Construction Equipment
  2. Retail Inventory Management
  3. Moving away from legacy systems for parts planning to achieve global inventory visibility & optimization at Manitowoc
  4. Driving profit through better service parts management at JCB

Global Inventory Management modules:

  • Demand Planning & Forecasting

    Syncron Demand Planning and Demand Forecasting software automates the process of analyzing complex demand patterns and producing accurate demand forecasts. Common tasks such as parts profiling or segmentation are managed automatically as well as demand forecast and history transfers during product phase-in and phase-out.

  • Inventory Optimization

    Syncron Inventory Optimization software utilizes a sophisticated multi-pareto product segmentation to calculate the right stock width and the right stock depth for any given stocking location as a function of the target customer service level. Safety stock levels and Economic Order Quantity are automatically calculated to best meet the demand and required service levels on each and every SKU.

  • Replenishment Planning

    Syncron Replenishment Planning optimizes and automates the replenishing process across your entire complex multi-echelon distribution network. This component provides you with full visibility of order-levels, inventory in stock and in-transit as well as backorders. Replenishment planning provides the information needed to know what to order, how much to order, when to order for every location and how to source it.

  • Rotables Planning

    Syncron Rotables Planning supports efficient inventory management and optimization of rotable and repairable spare parts. An integrated MRO supply chain planning process provides visibility of serviceable and unserviceable parts between the repair shop, supplier, warehouse and customer.

  • Collaborative Planning

    Syncron Collaborative Planning provides an easy and a secure way for collaboration between multiple businesses or trading partners in the planning and fulfillment of consumer demand. It let you define a structured process of sharing and utilizing information between both your B2B customers and suppliers.

  • Strategic Inventory Modeling

    Strategic Modeling provides 'what-if' analysis to help model various logistics scenarios and the impact on planning strategies, product segmentation, alternative suppliers etc. Any new strategies that may have an impact on stock investments or client service levels can be simulated and the results analyzed prior to implementation.

  • Reporting & KPI’s

    Syncron Reporting and KPI’s align and monitor cross-organizational processes, activities and assets. Providing business critical measurements and generates predefined real-time alerts when thresholds are passed and deviations from plan occurs. A dynamic dashboard provides great overview with unlimited drill down capabilities to all standard reports.

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