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One unified process from quote to cash. Syncron Global Order Management streamlines your global order, fulfillment and return process - no matter how complex your supply chain or IT architecture is.


  • 40-50% faster cash operating cycle
  • 60-80% reduction of order handling costs
  • 10-40% improved customer service
  • 20-40% lead time reduction to end customers

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Syncron Global Order Management solutions enables you to control and streamline the order process from order capturing through to fulfillment and settlement in a complex supply chain environment involving several ERP systems. It integrates the order process across your sales channels, warehouses and suppliers providing full visibility and process automation.

You are able to achieve higher levels of supply chain performance by connecting, and collaborating with your customers, suppliers and service providers throughout the quote to cash lifecycle. The order hub transforms how you orchestrate orders coming in through multiple sales channels and how the orders are fulfilled by multiple warehouses and your suppliers.

Thanks to Syncron, Volvo CE Division Customer Support now has the necessary logistic prerequisites in place to easily grow and change its order structure.

Kenneth Bergström, Volvo CE

The system’s Business Process Platform (BPP) architecture supports configurable workflows and automated fulfillment processes without code customization, as well as seamless integration into current architectures and business processes. Syncron Global Order Management system captures multi-channel demand from sources including the built-in web order desk, EDI, XML, and any other web storefronts.

As part of a complete Global Order Management process it enables global inventory visibility, Available to Promise (ATP), order distribution, net pricing, replenishment order management, and integration to shipment execution with complete trace and track information – no matter how complex your supply chain or IT architecture.

Syncron Global Order Management solutions provides you with a smooth and cost efficient process for managing product returns. It simplifies refunds to customers and the return of inventory to you or your suppliers for quick resale.

By managing the whole process from the customer to the third party supplier, and back again if necessary, you have a win-win situation for your enterprise and all trading parties involved in the supply chain.

Want to learn why leading companies choose our global order management solutions?  View our customer success stories to learn more.

Global Order Management modules:

  • Distributed Order Management

    Syncron Distributed Order Management optimizes demand and supply by effective order capturing and utilizing all available sourcing options, internal and external, intelligently. This enables your business to increase the perfect order performance in the most cost efficient manner.

  • Replenishment Plan Management

    Syncron Replenishment Plan Management automatically converts replenishment plans or order suggestions, from any supply chain planning solution capable of generating a replenishment plan, into orders for optimal fulfillment.

  • Return Order Management

    Syncron Return Order Management provides a smooth and cost efficient return process for those items that are returned from customers.

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