Distributors & Sales Agents

Mantis International

Mantis International is a supply chain management software, consulting services and turnkey solutions for the Greek and Cypriot markets. Mantis has a strong presence in Central/South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Mantis' Logistics Vision(TM) flagship software product suite is an integrated state-of-the-art family of software products that allows modern medium and large enterprises to plan, manage and optimize their entire supply chain. 


Logistics Associates 

Founded in 2004, Logistics Associates is focusing on specific solutions to supply chain management. LA having a wide vision in software solutions, has been continuously developing know-how and developing software in order to enrich its solution portfolio. With the vision of integrated supply chain, LA is creating solutions for every spot on the supply chain with its flexible, platform structure software.


Ant Technologies

Ant Technologies, a Pilot group company, is the leader of Russia's market of warehouse and supply chain management solutions. Ant Technologies offers the full range of services from consulting and pre-project studies to selection and delivery of specialized software, as well as personnel training and solutions' support.