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Equipment sales on the rise and farm equipment dealers continue be optimistic.1  It sounds like good news for the manufacturers, but what about the aftermarket?  As backlogs for used equipment grow and new machines enter the market, how do OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers know what to carry and where to stock.2


How can I improve inventory management at my dealers? 

Syncron helps agricultural manufacturers tackle these issues by providing comprehensive data that can lead to actionable insight.  Our Global Inventory Management and Global Price Management software streamlines pricing and inventory processes on a global scale.  Dealers find it enormously efficient for optimizing inventory.  OEMs love that they can consistently price parts competitively from market to market.  And, inventory and price management teams appreciate the extensive reporting and simulation features that make it easy to detect trends and growth opportunities.

What about the aftermarket?

While slow and steady growth is predicted for the agricultural equipment industry on a whole, aftermarket manufacturers are facing several challenges that may hamper their success if they are not positioned well in the market.               

  • In a recent survey, inventory management was rated one of the most time intensive tasks that dealers attend to on a daily basis.1  Inefficiencies in the process cause unthinkable levels of lost sales around the world when the right parts aren't in stock at the right time.
  • There is less loyalty to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands in emerging markets.  Price and availability are more important to these customers.2   
  • The demand for high-tech products is growing as precision farming becomes the norm in mature markets.2  Research and development is essential for any company looking to bring more holistic solutions to the table. 

Syncron offers agricultural equipment manufacturers  and aftermarket service operations solutions to some of their most pressing issues:

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