Dealer Inventory Management

To be successful managing inventory at your dealers, you need a provider with experience implementing dealer or retail inventory management (RIM) programs. Today, thousands of dealers use Syncron’s RIM solution to manage inventory because we offer an out-of-the-box solution that can be easily adapted to your business environment.  Our cloud-based solution is designed to support best-in-class forecasting, replenishment planning and inventory optimization across large dealer network. Our experience, sophisticated software and easy-to-use GUI interface eliminate the challenges associated with a RIM rollout, including:

We give you the tools to centralize inventory planning without sacrificing critical dealer feedback, including: 
  • A packaged, flexible software built for the dealer network
  • An easy-to-use interface that dealers can learn quickly and use daily
  • Functionality that helps dealers focus on inventory with significant demand changes
  • An advanced parts return program to achieve high dealer adoption at the same time as part returns are minimized

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Simple for the dealer

Our solution contains deep forecasting and inventory planning functionality as well as specific functionality for managing the RIM programs at the dealer level. Examples of dealer specific functionality includes:

  • Support for different multi-echelon and multi-language network
  • Integrated return logic that correlates to system generated replenishment
  • Stocking logic for  initial and critical stocking
  • Advanced user permission logic allowing for differentiated roles
  • And, automated forecasting at the dealer-level that puts the focus on exceptions  

Sophisticated planning for the OEM

While your dealers see a forecast that is updated automatically. Behind the scenes, you inventory analysts have all of the advanced planning and optimization tools required to control inventory and improve service levels. While these sophisticated features are controlled by permissions for dealers, your inventory analysts have access so they can:

  • Develop inventory strategies that support your overall business objectives at the dealers
  • Adapt policies and stocking strategies to easily address changing market conditions and business objectives
  • Reduce excess stock and obsolescence cost while improving service using the best algorithms in combination with analytics
  • Achieve your target ROI with a low total cost of ownership and rapid implementation
  • The ability to monitor and plan for rotable inventory