Bridging the Pricing Gap: 5th Annual Manufacturing Pricing Excellence

What do you get when you bring together 100+ pricing experts from across the world for two days of networking, benchmarking and insight-gathering to bridge the gap between pricing and sales? The 5th Annual Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Conference in Amsterdam this May 30-31. As pricing gains momentum within modern manufacturing organizations, industry leaders and executives […]

After-Sales Service in an Always-Connected World: ISLA’s Service & Logistics Summit 2017

If you’re looking for a place to learn more about making customer service even better in an always-connected world, then look no further than the International Service Logistics Association’s Service & Logistics Summit 2017. The event is the only one of its kind: the 9th annual European conference on after-sales service and spare parts this […]

The Powerful Pairing of Service Parts Inventory Management and Pricing

With the orders of durable goods fluctuating around the globe, manufacturers are looking for new ways to impact revenue and profits, and the avenue that’s standing out most is streamlined service. After-sales service – the service delivered after the initial sale of a product – is the best way for manufacturers to positively influence both […]

Meet Us in Bussum: 600Minutes Supply Chain with Syncron

On the road again, Syncron just can’t wait to get on the road again – to the Netherlands, that is! With Syncron team members all over the globe, it’s impossible for us to miss an after-sales industry event, no matter the location, and this week we’re hitting the 600Minutes Supply Chain event in Bussum. The […]