Introducing the State Of Emerging Tech In Field Service

At the 2018 Field Service USA event, hosted by Worldwide Business Research and attended by industry leaders like FedEx, GE, Ford, Oracle and Salesforce, the Syncron team led its annual workshop focusing on new trends and emerging tech, and their potential impact on field service. This year’s workshop was divided into four discussion topics: Servitization, IoT […]

Manitowoc Continues to Lift its Service Supply Chain to New Heights

It’s official! Manitowoc Cranes has expanded its partnership with the Syncron family. Choosing Syncron Price™ to optimize its global service parts pricing, Manitowoc is set to move from Excel-based pricing to a solution that is easy to use, provides best-of-breed pricing features and will evolve and scale as their own processes mature. Their ultimate goal? To streamline their operations, […]

Pricing and Servitization: Does Product Uptime Impact Decision Making?

In 2016, just one day of downtime due to a failed piece of equipment caused an industry-leading airline to take a massive, unexpected financial hit. This loss proves that major airlines have a lot at stake when designing and managing critical infrastructure  – something more and more manufacturers are facing in large part to customers’ […]

Product Uptime: Pricing’s Biggest Disruptor in the Age of New Tech

As new tech develops, and the world continues to evolve, disruptors like digitization, the Amazon effect and servitization are creating a significant business opportunity for manufacturers when it comes to maximizing product uptime (a.k.a. the proactive maintenance of products before failure occurs). The status quo is no longer cutting it, and it’s time for companies […]