How Intelligent Inventory Management Supports Existing ERP Systems

For many manufacturers, there’s a significant amount of trust put into their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to handle every aspect of inventory management. And why wouldn’t there be? With the cost to maintain their ERP systems each year, it only makes sense to assume the system is sophisticated enough to ensure service parts planning […]

The Importance of Optimizing Inventory Today to Prepare for the Future

As new product sales continue to wane worldwide, it’s clear that manufacturers need to start shifting their focus from solely selling products to selling the usage of those products to stay competitive. This shift is known as servitization – and it’s completely revolutionizing the way we buy and consume everything from clothing to cars to […]

Why OEMs Should Choose a Growing Service Parts Planning Provider

When it comes to service parts planning, it can be tempting for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to go with a traditional inventory planning solution that seemingly covers all the bases. But, in fact, the opposite is true: finding a growing inventory planning provider that focuses on after-sales service is the best choice for OEMs. Why […]

The Uniqueness of Service Parts Pricing: Why After-Sales Service Focus is Key

With an after-sales service focus becoming an increasingly important and strategic focus area for manufacturers around the world, why is it that so many organizations are resisting investing in solutions dedicated solely to its optimization? Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that continue to rely on homegrown pricing solutions, or solutions that are too broadly focused on […]

Bringing Your I.T. Team Along on Your Pricing Journey

Implementing a new pricing solution isn’t something that happens overnight, and it’s not a decision that’s made lightly – especially for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that have been running manual processes for decades. That’s why one of the key components of a pricing project’s success is partnering with a provider that is equipped to handle […]

Leveraging Pricing Technology to Empower Talented Pricers

When blending the art and science of pricing, intelligent pricing technology is needed to tackle the true automation side of the pricing process. Take a traditional, spreadsheet-based pricing environment, for example: common activities include managing documents, managing data and making sure systems are running without error. In fact, in our experience, nearly 80% of manual […]