The Future of After-Sales Service: Powering More Uptime with Connected Products

We’ve been talking a lot recently about using inventory and pricing tactics to navigate the post-pandemic economy. This week we want to shift focus and look at the more futuristic side of servitization. For OEMs and manufacturers making the move to selling products-as-a-service (PaaS), avoiding unplanned downtime becomes increasingly vital to protecting your bottom line. […]

Beyond the Basics: Pricing Tactics, Part Three

Today we’re wrapping up our conversation about how price tactics can help OEMs overcome the market challenges of a post-pandemic world by strategically boosting margins and revenue. If you’re just joining us, be sure to catch up on what we’ve already covered in this series, as well as our Back to Basics series: Beyond the […]

Pressure Testing The Four Pillars of Syncron Customer Success, Part 3

Part III – Waiting for the bell to ring? Not us. In the second post of this series, ‘Pressure Testing the Pillars of Customer Success’, Syncron’s Chief Customer Officer, David Reiling, provided a detailed perspective on how Syncron’s Customer Success pillars of, (1) delivering on a customer centric mission of value, (2) building and maintaining an expertise based organization, (3) delivering world class […]

Flipping the Script on Traditional Customer Support

When you think of customer support, what comes to mind? Logging a ticket into space? Calling a toll-free number to listen to a curated track of soft jazz and ads? Speaking to a chat bot until you realize this is NOT a real person? The worst part is, you wait. You’re waiting for a resolution […]

Pressure Testing The Four Pillars of Syncron Customer Success, Part 2

Part II – Pivoting to Focus on What Matters Right Now In the first post of this series, Syncron Chief Customer Officer, David Reiling, shared his perspective on what are the non-negotiable characteristics of a great Customer Success organization and how Syncron rapidly mobilized to support customers by relearning and listening more intently for what might be a new […]

Celebrating Value Delivery: Syncron Customer Success Spotlight

At Syncron we have 160 people fully dedicated to helping our customers achieve the greatest possible value from their Syncron solutions. These professionals are located around the world, living where our customer live, representing 11 different languages and 4 continents. This week, as part of National Customer Service Week, established by the International Customer Service […]

Pressure Testing The Four Pillars of Syncron Customer Success, Part 1

Syncron’s Customer Success organization has four pillars that guide our actions and how we form and manage relationships with customers. They are the foundation that support how we approach working with our customers and underpin the metrics applied to every implementation, support call and interaction. These foundational principles don’t change over time. They provide a […]

Empowering Our US Employees To Vote in the 2020 Election

At Syncron, we believe that one of the most important actions our employees can take is exercising their right to vote. That’s why we want to support our US employees in a very practical way during this year’s elections. Here’s the actions we are taking to ensure that all Syncron US employees have the time […]