It’s Field Service time! We’re on day two, and first up to the podium was Gary Brooks sharing his thoughts on the importance of making the transition from delivering products to delivering business outcomes. And later, we learned more about the transformation from a product to a customer experience company and how to slice and dice your data to uncover greater service outcomes.

It’s time for a change of pace, though, so we’re welcoming Chad Williams to the stage. As a former U.S. Navy Seal & Bestselling Author of SEAL of God, Williams is sharing his seven leadership lessons he’s learned during his time in service of his country. And trust us, as we work toward being leaders rather than laggards, we’re going to take his words to heart.

Aim small, miss small. The more clarity you can have and the more specific you can be, the more successful you will become.

Be a common person with an uncommon desire to succeed. When you look around at everyone chasing the same goal, visualize yourself succeeding despite the odds.

Remember: humbly, we serve. When practicing servant leadership, you have to remove pride and put others first to encourage others to follow.

Understand how you deal with adversity. There will be more that you face, so if you have no control over circumstances, you have to control the way you respond.

You earn your trident every day. Don’t ever rest on your laurels and remember that what worked yesterday won’t work today. Always strive for innovation.

Find the ability to control your emotions and actions regardless of the circumstances. The way that a leader responds in a moment of breakdown can be very contagious.

Rely on the legacy of those who have come before you. Don’t let the work of those before you be in vain, but instead move forward with honor and respect.


We’re dealing with an evolving world. Competitors are out there looking to ambush you, pass you and take your customers – and what worked before won’t be enough to get you into the future. And whether you’re resolving to meet big goals, small goals or goals that completely revolutionize your life and business – the strategy is still the same: Short-term tactics and milestones help you to achieve long-term goals and results. It’s just like running a marathon – every finish line is crossed by taking one step at a time.

And, when it comes to after-sales service, reaching these milestones is ultimately about taking the time to shift priorities toward a more collaborative after-sales service ecosystem that’s going to drive the most change.


Join us as we live blog our experience during the performance workshops, interactive working groups, and so much more. With nearly a week’s worth of networking, technology and strategy, we’re sure to walk away with some of the best tools in field service support and customer experience today!