At Syncron, we believe that one of the most important actions our employees can take is exercising their right to vote. That’s why we want to support our US employees in a very practical way during this year’s elections.

Here’s the actions we are taking to ensure that all Syncron US employees have the time and space needed to cast their ballot on election day without fear of missing out on work:

  • All US employees have four hours to vote or volunteer at polls on Election Day (November 3rd)
  • Election Day will be a “no meeting” day in the US to remove barriers to going to the polls

We’re grateful for this opportunity to empower employees to make their voices heard.

In addition to those specific actions, we’ve also joined the Time to Vote initiative, a nonpartisan, business-led effort to help ensure employees across America don’t have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck.

For more information about Time to Vote, please visit: