From demographic, to economic, political and social changes – everything around us is evolving. Customer expectations are continuing to increase. Subscription-based service models that guarantee maximized product uptime are becoming the norm. With all of this change, pricing teams are being forced to redefine and transform their organizations and processes.

With that transformation comes a whole new lever for pricing teams to pull, as manufacturers have more sense of urgency than ever to appease these increasing customer expectations.

This changing field of view is pushing pricing professionals to also change how they’re pricing, evolving to selling subscription-based product uptime service contracts over individual service parts. That’s why we created our newest Syncron original Orange Paper, “Pricing for Product Uptime: Navigating the Most Disruptive Change in Pricing History. 



Amidst disruptors like digitization, the Amazon effect and new emerging technologies are significant business opportunities for manufacturers when it comes to maximizing product uptime – the proactive maintenance of products before failure occurs. The status quo is no longer sufficient, and it’s time for companies to capitalize on these changing times, or risk losing customers in the process.

This paper explores the many ways that uptime is changing the pricing of after-sales service. Key topics include:

  • Pricing for the true cost of downtime
  • Pricing to align with changing consumer expectations
  • Pricing that considers major disruptors like emerging technology, digitization, ecommerce, predictive analytics and more

Download your complimentary copy right now, and start putting your pricing strategies into action today.