Over the past few years, it’s become clear that the majority of OEMs realize they will need to leverage emerging technologies to make the next generation of service a reality. The good news here is that many manufacturers are making the necessary investments to make maximized product uptime a reality.

The bad news? Customers were ready for maximized product uptime… yesterday. Maximized product uptime is the future of service and the future is now. The question is: are OEMs ready?

Recently, we collaborated with Worldwide Business Research (WBR) to create a new research report, “Maximized Product Uptime: The Emerging Industry Standard,”  to determine how prepared manufacturers are to meet rising customer expectations. The research highlights the gap between customers’ increasing demand for maximized product uptime and manufacturers’ ability to deliver it, plus strategies for manufacturers to start meeting these new expectations today. 

maximized product uptime


With 87% of end users indicating that a service agreement that guarantees maximized product uptime would be a competitive advantage for their own business, there is no denying that the customer demand is there, and manufacturing infrastructure priorities need to make maximized product uptime the rule – opposed to the exception – now.

Ultimately, maximized product uptime offers manufacturers a competitive advantage, an enhanced customer experience and additional revenue and profit opportunities, making it the way of the future and the cornerstone of after-sales service organizations for years to come.

It’s a tale as old as time – in every generation, innovations and radical market disruptions have transformed businesses, industries, economies and livelihoods. Some have chosen to cling to the past, resist the call for change and failed to stay relevant. Others — with greater vision and wisdom — have embraced and enabled disruption and prospered.

Manufacturers are at a pivotal moment in time. They have to decide if they will be a leader or laggard – lead the world’s transition to a subscription-based model centered on maximized product uptime or maintain the status quo and get left behind.

This research revealed that customers are demanding maximized product uptime, manufacturers know they need to deliver it, but do not have the technology or resources in place to support it. And while these changes and challenges may seem overwhelming to some, it also presents a great opportunity for manufacturers to be industry leaders and choose the path that will launch them to success – the timing has never been better for companies that want to adapt and be a part of that future.

Download the report today and discover insights that will inspire manufacturers as they navigate today’s changing world. Also, stay tuned for more content ahead as we join forces with WBR again at Field Service USA 2019! We’ll be live blogging and networking throughout the week in Palm Springs, so come find us!