Around the world, families, communities and businesses are trying to navigate the uncertain times that COVID-19 presents. In addition to focusing on the health and wellbeing of employees, the ever-changing and unpredictable market landscape is forcing businesses to make important, strategic decisions quickly.

We have already seen incredible support and initiative from large manufacturers to combat the impact of the virus with brands like Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler partnering with 3M and GE to make respirators and ventilators. Each day brings new challenges, but at Syncron, we believe what manufacturers and suppliers do in the face of uncertainty will ultimately determine how they emerge from today’s volatile market.

To empower manufacturers and suppliers to successfully navigate the near-term and lay the foundation for long-term success, Syncron has launched Emerge, a new resource center that serves as a dynamic online space and provides the tools and resources needed to make a positive impact on business continuity, financial performance and customer loyalty.

Specific benefits of Emerge include:

  • Up-to-date content (e.g. news articles, tip sheets, blog posts, videos and webcasts) that provides tactics and strategies manufacturers and suppliers can put in place today
  • Resources specific to navigating an economic downturn once the more immediate impact of COVID-19 has passed
  • How after-sales service optimization, specifically service parts planning and price management, serves as a catalyst for increased financial performance and customer loyalty in a climate where manufacturers and suppliers may see top-line revenue declines

Syncron is operating at full capacity and is committed to providing the most up-to-date information to ensure business continuity for the brands we serve around the world. We believe that together, we will overcome this challenge and emerge more resilient, united and productive than ever.