In my role at Syncron, I am part of the company’s executive team and am responsible for the Employee Success organization – a team of more than 30 employees across Europe, North America and Asia. Our focus, as the name suggests, is to make our employees – and in turn our business – as successful as possible.

As a fast-growing technology company, we have no shortage of challenges, but it’s incredible to know that every day, my team and I are making a tangible impact on the future of our business. This is one of the biggest achievements of my career – to have built a team that every day chooses to go to work and be a part of the vision we created together. This is an incredibly humbling feeling that I do not take for granted.

I have seen so many companies where HR, people and organizational questions are on the agenda, but all too seldom do they really connect with the business’ strategic priorities.

At Syncron, I can truly say that employee success is at the core of our culture and one of our most critical strategic priorities. We invest in and want our people to make an impact on our business. We especially strive to create and nurture an equal and inclusive workplace, and on International Women’s Day 2020, I want to highlight just a small sampling of the incredible women from around the world that innovate, lead and uplift others at Syncron: 

Tara Beeby
Director, Customer Marketing

“As the global leader for customer marketing, every day I look for opportunities to celebrate and elevate the successes of our customers around the world. Learning how our customers use Syncron solutions to tackle some of the industry’s most complex challenges is inspiring and bringing their stories to life through content, events and other programs is incredibly rewarding. Notably, hosting our first annual customer conference in Stockholm in 2019 with 200+ attendees was a huge milestone.

The manufacturing industry traditionally thought of as vocational and warehouse-based now is evolved to be technology and innovation centric – investing in AI, Machine Learning and digitalization. This shift will attract a whole new base of diverse talent and backgrounds into the manufacturing industry and it’s great to partner with them on the journey.”

Vongai Mugari
Business Analyst 

“I lead a team responsible for providing business insight and analysis through financial research, value modeling, competitor intelligence, pitch support and account management for our prospects and existing customers. We partner mostly with Sales in delivering high quality material to support Syncron in winning new business and delivering memorable results.

I joined Syncron’s Demand Generation team in my last semester of graduate school knowing very little about manufacturing and after-sales service. Four years later, it’s the best decision I could have ever made to jump-start my career. The leaders at Syncron saw potential and possibilities for me that I never imagined. They’ve trusted and empowered me to do well, which has pushed me to tap into the very best of me. Through cross-functional collaboration with various teams in the organization, I have continued to learn a lot. This part of my experience is what continues to motivate me in this role daily.” 

Charlotte Sallmén
Portfolio Manager

“As a portfolio manager for northern Europe, I’m responsible for expert service engagements for our customers within this region. I’m proud to say that the customers we work with are industry leaders across a variety of sectors. What I find most rewarding in this position is the honor to have a team of 11 smart and talented individuals – helping them grow professionally and learning from them every day is a true win-win situation.

Syncron has offered me the opportunity to grow as an individual by giving me the chance to work three years in the U.S. with some of our largest customers, as well as giving me the chance to build my management and leadership skills in my portfolio manager role. I am driven by challenges and teamwork and that is something I feel Syncron truly offers as an employer.”

Neeta Stanley
Manager, Customer Support

“At Syncron, there are endless opportunities to learn and shape your career. It has been a wonderful four years. I have been part of a fun ride starting from the days at our first office in a shared facility and as part of our first team ever in Bangalore. As part of Customer Care, I get to interact with a lot of people across global teams. Every day I work with exceptionally smart colleagues.

I started as a Senior Engineer, Team Leader and now serve as a Manager at Syncron. Each phase of my career has been so much fun, learning new systems, domains, expanding the India support team from three to 14 and maturing in my career from managing an India-based team to now a global team. The journey has been exciting!”

Karolina Sznajder
Global Legal Counsel

“I joined Syncron in April 2015, tasked with establishing a legal function. Five years later I am a leader of a legal team, supporting Syncron operations globally!

I am proud to see how innovative and full of passion all the people working in Syncron are and how great the company is in supporting the leading market players in optimizing their businesses. The colleagues I sit next to are creating the solutions used by the largest global manufacturers – this is awesome! Working shoulder to shoulder with super-smart creators of new technologies is very stimulating. Additionally, the trust that I receive from management gives me an extra portion of enthusiasm and power to work.

My biggest achievement? That’s easy – my team! We have grown from zero in 2015 to six in 2020, with no departures – only additions. My team is a bunch of super nice and professional legal advisors who know how to find a common language with all business partners. This success has been possible due to a high level of trust from management, as well as the values Syncron and its employees represent.”

Agnieszka Szpura
Forecast Manager

“I have been at Syncron for nearly five years, originally joining as a group controller. In my current role, I enable insight into Syncron’s exciting future. I love that I am able to work with smart people based around the world, the many possibilities for professional development and the broad responsibilities and trust that enable personal growth.

In my time at Syncron, I have become a SaaS enthusiast! I am deeply proud when my experience and knowledge – combined with my manager’s support and guidance – are translated into reliable numbers that influence decision making for the entire company. Syncron has given me many adventures, challenges and “firsts” that have all made my life more colorful.”



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