Automotive Customer Expectations and Technology are Driving Change

One day in the not-so-distant future, automotive manufacturers will no longer just sell vehicles, instead selling access to and the outcome those vehicles deliver. In fact, Gen Z, a group raised predominantly by Gen X and older millennials, are the ones truly changing the automotive purchasing landscape; at nearly 67 million strong, Gen Z favors […]

Subscribe or Lease? Car Subscription Services are Taking Over

Just a few decades ago, if someone had told you that we’d one day be hailing nearby vehicles to come pick us up after dropping a location pin on a tiny computer in our back pockets, you’d look at them like they just said the Beatles weren’t the best band in the world. In fact, […]

3 Key Trends to Watch for Automotive Manufacturers

This post was originally featured on Manufacturing.Net Collecting insights from academics, customers and industry leaders, Syncron recently set out to understand how manufacturers can capitalize on the megatrend of servitization, where manufacturers shift from selling a product itself to the outcome or value that the product delivers. After our discussions, it became clear that 2019 […]

Tales from the World of After-sales: Dealerships, Digitize or Die

“Hello, you’ve reached Bob Jones of [insert major automotive brand] Dealership in [insert my hometown]. Please leave a message. Thanks.” Now why, in this technologically advanced age, would I still be calling a dealership service manager for modern after-sales service experiences? To explain, let’s go back to the beginning. Antiquated Service Equals Angry Customers The […]

9,000 Automotive Aftermarket Decision Makers? Meet Them at Automechanika

The global automotive aftermarket grew 4.7 percent in 2016 – which comes as no surprise given the emerging technology and e-commerce developments of the past year. That’s why Syncron is excited to be on the road again, headed to Automechanika Birmingham, the UK’s leading exhibition for the automotive aftermarket and supply chain, this June 6th-8th at […]