Back to Basics: The Fundamentals of Inventory Optimization Part One

As manufacturers around the world navigate the ‘new normal,’ optimized after-sales service operations are becoming more important than ever. In fact, according to a recent Deloitte report, after-sales service continues to be a “consistent revenue source and profit stabilizer” and the manufacturers that place an increased focus on service have “outperformed their peers and exited […]

Want to Grow Dealership Profits? Focus on Automotive Spare Parts Inventory Management

From the recession to the present, dealerships have depended heavily on service and parts departments to drive profitability. In 2014 alone, total parts sales amounted to $50.6B, with service and parts accounting for a whopping 11.4% of those total dealership sales dollars. But while many dealerships focus on new and used vehicle inventory optimization, aftermarket parts […]

Dealer Buyback Programs Increase Dealer Adoption and Usage of RIM Systems

To develop a seamless inventory management system, manufacturers and dealers in a multi-echelon environment must find an enterprise-wide solution for issues with data qual­ity, visibility and forecasting for aftermarket spare parts management.   To further extend inventory utilization and availability into the dealer network, a Dealer In­ventory Management (RIM) solution provides specific functionality for managing […]

Going Beyond DMS: Break the Walls Down

The regular readers of this blog series are already enthusiastically planning how to incorporate software as a service applications into their supply chain operations because they know that it makes the capabilities and power of dedicated software applications easily accessible to all businesses. They also know that a SaaS solution packaged with a strong integration engine […]

Manage the Last Mile of your Distribution Network for Spare Parts

The last mile – linking your business with the end customer through a dealer network – is critical for long-term business success. Many machinery and automotive manufacturers depend on their dealers, and they will have a huge impact on brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Reports published during the past decade is pointing out that product […]

What Does Retail Inventory Management Mean for Industrial Manufacturers?

How Does Spare Parts Inventory Management and Retail Inventory Management Connect? What is Retail Inventory Management in Dealer Oriented Industries? This is a question I often get, as the word “retail” is so tightly connected fast moving consumable goods (FMCG). However, some manufactures rely on dealers to sell and support their products. Dealers are retailers. […]