Service Data: How Top Companies are Killing the Predictive Service Game

Here at the 2018 Smarter Services™ Symposium, hosted by the Service Council in Chicago, Illinois, we’re drawing inspiration out of everything from powerful keynotes to collaboration clad workshops, and here on the blog we’re sharing some of the greatest service takeaways for the remainder of the year. Monday, we led a breakout roundtable on service […]

Aerospace Soars with the Help of Inventory Management

Syncron is changing the way aftermarket inventory is being managed for the aerospace industry. By leveraging years of experience in the automotive, construction and mining spaces, the company has built a visionary suite of supply chain solutions that can add value to any aerospace company dependent on the availability of spare parts.  Inventory Management and […]

Pan-European Railway Platform Summary

On October 7th, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, Syncron in coordination with DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH, held the Pan European Railway Platform. This year’s platform covered the optimization of MRO parts planning; virtual warehousing for continuous availability of slow-moving and expensive parts; best-in-class planning through exceptions and redistribution; and working with dynamic lead times. Attendees had the […]

5 Ways Using Your ERP System for Service Parts Inventory Management is Creating Hidden Costs

With the mammoth investments companies make in their ERP systems, you may rest easy and assume that your service parts inventory management is being taken care of by your company’s ERP system. However, aftermarket companies that are resisting investing in inventory management solutions are typically incurring costs, such as capital, service, time and resources. These […]

It is Time to Stop Managing Rotable Inventory Manually

Does this scenario sound familiar? Rotable parts are a small portion of your inventory, yet they make up a significant amount of your inventory value. Yes, rotable parts are expensive. If they weren’t expensive, you wouldn’t bother repairing them. So you expect these parts to have a high inventory value, but it seems un-proportionally high. […]

It’s Not A Myth. Seasonality Does Exist…

Ice cream sells better in the summer and snow shovels are in greater demand during winter months.  It’s pretty obvious that demand for products like these are affected by the season.  Management understands the relevance of seasonality, plans for it, forecasts against it, and maintains inventory around it.   However, seasonality is not as apparent in […]

Survey Says: Aftermarket Professionals Ranked Service Level #1, but Inventory Balance is More Important

It’s not a surprise to me! The aftermarket isn’t concerned about inventory reduction. In fact, inventory levels ranked dead last in our most recent survey. Either the opportunity to reduce inventory further is low e.g. the current inventory policies are satisfactory. Or, organisations are worried that any attempt to reduce inventory will impact availability and […]