Maximizing Service Business Profitability and Customer Experience in Economic Downturns

Manufacturers around the world are currently facing an unforeseen economic downturn, creating feelings of uncertainty and stress for both employees and customers. However, I believe when challenges like these present themselves, as leaders we must act quickly to instill feelings of security and productivity not only for our teams, but also for our end-users. So, […]

New Decade, New Pricing Strategy: Reevaluating Service Parts Pricing

Like every new year, 2020 has commenced with resolutions and refreshes meant to kickstart a better tomorrow. But, unlike recent new years past, this year marks the beginning of a brand new decade – one that’s sure to hold resolutions and reevaluations of greater magnitude than ever before. With after-sales service becoming an increasingly important […]

The Uniqueness of Service Parts Pricing: Why After-Sales Service Focus is Key

With an after-sales service focus becoming an increasingly important and strategic focus area for manufacturers around the world, why is it that so many organizations are resisting investing in solutions dedicated solely to its optimization? Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that continue to rely on homegrown pricing solutions, or solutions that are too broadly focused on […]

Bringing Your I.T. Team Along on Your Pricing Journey

Implementing a new pricing solution isn’t something that happens overnight, and it’s not a decision that’s made lightly – especially for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that have been running manual processes for decades. That’s why one of the key components of a pricing project’s success is partnering with a provider that is equipped to handle […]

Leveraging Pricing Technology to Empower Talented Pricers

When blending the art and science of pricing, intelligent pricing technology is needed to tackle the true automation side of the pricing process. Take a traditional, spreadsheet-based pricing environment, for example: common activities include managing documents, managing data and making sure systems are running without error. In fact, in our experience, nearly 80% of manual […]

Blending Behavior with Automation Through the Art and Science of Pricing

When designing the future state of service parts pricing, there’s a series of advanced pricing methodologies available. But, as OEMs mature in each level of price method, more information will be required of them. From deeper business intelligence, to higher skillsets within the workforce and more, OEMs need to have a realistic understanding of what […]

Finding Your Place on the Service Parts Pricing Maturity Curve

After-sales service is an increasingly important aspect of manufacturers’ success – and achieving service parts pricing maturity is a critical way for manufacturers to meet margin and revenue goals in a new servitization-driven environment. However, the complexity of service parts planning, as well as the many locations, channels and distribution levels at which those parts […]

Evolving Digital Pricing Practices to Meet Customers Where They Are

If you’re just now joining us, welcome aboard the Syncron conference express! The team is here in Budapest for the 7th Annual Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2019 Conference hosted by Copperberg. We’re excited for two full days of networking and learning amongst our pricing peers, where we’ll work together to optimize the power of pricing through […]