The Future of After-Sales Service: Adopting a Proactive Maintenance Program

We recently talked about various approaches to asset maintenance and how condition-based methods can help manufacturers minimize unplanned downtime, extending the life of assets while also controlling costs. Now, let’s dive back in and talk about practical steps to implementing a condition-based maintenance program to maximize product uptime. Common barriers to success Condition monitoring is […]

The Future of After-Sales Service: Powering More Uptime with Connected Products

We’ve been talking a lot recently about using inventory and pricing tactics to navigate the post-pandemic economy. This week we want to shift focus and look at the more futuristic side of servitization. For OEMs and manufacturers making the move to selling products-as-a-service (PaaS), avoiding unplanned downtime becomes increasingly vital to protecting your bottom line. […]

Navigating Digital Disruptions in a World Pricing for Product Uptime

In case you’re just now joining us, the team is here in Budapest for the 7th Annual Manufacturing Pricing Excellence 2019 Conference hosted by Copperberg. We’ve been enjoying two full days of networking and learning amongst our pricing peers, where we’re working together to optimize the power of pricing through value-based pricing, recruiting pricing professionals, […]

Overhauling Manufacturing Infrastructure to Maximize Product Uptime

It’s no secret that maximizing product uptime is critical to the success of nearly all end-users of long-lasting, durable goods. In fact, in today’s world, if a product goes down, customers simply won’t pay to use it. This realization is causing the business model transformation race to kick up a notch, and original equipment manufacturers […]

3 Lessons Brands Can Learn from Southwest’s ‘Operational Emergency’

This past weekend, Southwest Airlines experienced more cancellations and delays than any other U.S. airline, causing the company to declare a rare state of ‘operational emergency.’ Since Friday, more than 100 flights have been canceled due to maintenance, putting around 40 planes a day out of service – more than double the airline’s usual average. […]

How Optimized After-Sales Service Lays the Groundwork for Maximized Product Uptime

For most heavy equipment, a key measure of effectiveness is reliability. And, for paving equipment specifically, equipment downtime can be downright catastrophic – leading to lost revenue, productivity and more. Unexpected downtime during paving projects comes at a cost to both the manufacturer and the customer, and proactive maintenance through an optimized after-sales service is […]

Game Changers: A Major Disruption Hidden in Plain Sight

They say there’s a difference between product evolution and disruptive innovation. Where one simply improves, recreates or makes additions to a process, the other completely flips a process on its head. True innovation disruption must create an entirely new market, one that turns non-customers into customers. Take Netflix, for example. Back in the day, Blockbuster […]