Overhauling Manufacturing Infrastructure to Maximize Product Uptime

It’s no secret that maximizing product uptime is critical to the success of nearly all end-users of long-lasting, durable goods. In fact, in today’s world, if a product goes down, customers simply won’t pay to use it. This realization is causing the business model transformation race to kick up a notch, and original equipment manufacturers […]

3 Lessons Brands Can Learn from Southwest’s ‘Operational Emergency’

This past weekend, Southwest Airlines experienced more cancellations and delays than any other U.S. airline, causing the company to declare a rare state of ‘operational emergency.’ Since Friday, more than 100 flights have been canceled due to maintenance, putting around 40 planes a day out of service – more than double the airline’s usual average. […]

Game Changers: A Major Disruption Hidden in Plain Sight

They say there’s a difference between product evolution and disruptive innovation. Where one simply improves, recreates or makes additions to a process, the other completely flips a process on its head. True innovation disruption must create an entirely new market, one that turns non-customers into customers. Take Netflix, for example. Back in the day, Blockbuster […]

Pricing and Servitization: Does Product Uptime Impact Decision Making?

In 2016, just one day of downtime due to a failed piece of equipment caused an industry-leading airline to take a massive, unexpected financial hit. This loss proves that major airlines have a lot at stake when designing and managing critical infrastructure  – something more and more manufacturers are facing in large part to customers’ […]

Product Uptime: Pricing’s Biggest Disruptor in the Age of New Tech

As new tech develops, and the world continues to evolve, disruptors like digitization, the Amazon effect and servitization are creating a significant business opportunity for manufacturers when it comes to maximizing product uptime (a.k.a. the proactive maintenance of products before failure occurs). The status quo is no longer cutting it, and it’s time for companies […]