Thanks for Making History at Innovate2019

Originally featured as an article on Anders Grudén’s LinkedIn profile.  It’s hard to believe how quickly the time passes – it seems like just yesterday I was standing on the stage at Innovate2019, feeling immense gratitude for the opportunity to share my perspective on the revolutionary changes taking place for global manufacturers. I want to […]

2019 in Review and a Look Ahead

Originally featured as an article on David Reiling’s LinkedIn profile.  As CCO at Syncron, my team’s focus in 2019 has been on enabling, supporting, sustaining, growing and – most importantly – delivering value to our customers. Throughout the year, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with customers around the globe and, each time, I’m […]

10 Reasons Why Manufacturing Executives are Starting 2020 with Service-Centered Vision

2019 was an eye-opening year for manufacturing. Changes – from economic and political to environmental – have impacted the way the world interacts with its resources and technology, and those changes are reverberating throughout the entire manufacturing industry, completely altering the way manufacturing executives operate. With priorities like sustainability and efficiency at the forefront of […]

Why a Drop in Ownership Doesn’t Mean a Drop in Usership

Earlier this week we established how technology has historically impacted consumer behavior. Technology is changing businesses’ perception of what’s possible – and it’s making innovation more accessible and readily available to larger audiences than was ever possible in the past. Thanks to that accessibility, the subscription economy is constantly growing, causing the need to purchase […]

How DTNA Transformed Its After-Sales Service Operations to Prepare for Servitization

The Syncron team recently gathered in Japan for the Global Manufacturing Executive Seminar 2019 to discuss how the manufacturing industry is undergoing a major business model transformation with nearly 200 Japanese manufacturing execs. And, first on stage is Jay Johnson, General Manager, Aftermarket Supply Chain at Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), sharing how DTNA transformed […]

Supporting the Path to Servitization Through Optimized Inventory Management

In case you’re just joining us – we’re here in Amsterdam at the 6th annual Field Service Forum 2019 with 130+ field service professionals, manufacturers and service leaders from around the world, all looking to make the shift toward servitization together. As we network and learn amongst our field service peers, we’re finding new ways to optimize […]