Culture @ Syncron

Together, we make the complex simple.

Challenge the established. Embrace collaboration.

We’re expected to make the complicated simple. Therefore, on a daily basis, you will be expected to proactively find solutions to complex problems, taking ownership of your work. But you won’t be alone. Your co-workers are there to share their knowledge and support you every step of the way.

We are a fairly small team, but we work with some of the largest enterprises in the world. Our offices are spread across 10 countries from Sweden to the US to Japan and many places in between. And we compete against companies 10 or even 100 times our size. How do we do it? Passion!

Through collaboration, we can overcome any challenge.

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Syncron is a company where you have to share knowledge and people are very open to do so. Making sure that we help each other because we grow so quickly.

Charlotte Sallmén Portfolio Manager

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Neeta Stanley, Customer Support Manager
A software engineer by trade, Neeta never set out to manage people. But at Syncron, if you embrace a challenge head on, your career can go places you never imagined.
Rafal Szczekutek, Software Architect
In a complex and specialized industry like ours, you can’t just wait for a problem to solve. You have to be proactive to succeed. Rafal shares how he learned this early on.
Charlotte Sallmén, Portfolio Manager
Nine years and two countries later, Charlotte is still learning (with help from her colleagues). Learn how the entrepreneurial mindset is alive and thriving at Syncron.