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The manufacturing industry is transitioning from selling products to selling services. As a result of this transition, the cost and risk of product use will now fall on the manufacturers.

This is where we come in. We create software solutions that manage risks and solve the industry’s new problems. We allow manufacturers to optimize their supply chain, price their parts and services, and utilize mountains of data coming out of modern cars, planes, excavators, mining machines and much more.

By minimizing the volume of new products produced and shipped, we drive sustainability and innovation.

Our products pave the way to the future.

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We don’t have thousands of small customers that no one knows what they are doing. We have more than one hundred customers, and they are all the biggest players.

Michał Bardadyn, Product Owner

Henrik Lenerius, Chief Product Officer
But what is servitization? Henrik explains what it is, why it’s important and what makes our SaaS products so valuable to our clients.
Michal Bardadyn, Product Owner
Our clients are some of the biggest players in manufacturing. Hear how our software helps connect the dots for these global companies.
Nathan Corder, Sales Leader
Our value-based sales strategy means we only work with companies if we know we can truly help their business. How do we determine if we can add value for a company? Nathan explains.


We know that it could sometimes be hard to keep up with the vocabulary we use in our company and the industries we work with. That’s why we have created a lexicon where we explain in simple terms, all the lingo that we use in our business.

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