Syncron’s commitment to our customers during the COVID-19 crisis

Dear Syncron Customer,

While the world navigates the uncertainty of COVID-19, I wanted to take a moment to give you my personal commitment that Syncron is taking all appropriate steps to support your after-sales service business operations and provide continuity of service at all times. We are monitoring the ever-changing situation closely and implementing the appropriate measures to support our customers and employees around the world.

Below are a few highlights of how we will ensure business continuity:

Empowering our Customers

Our global teams are well equipped to work remotely, connected through a variety of cloud-based collaboration tools and resources. All services continue to be available to our global customers, exactly as normal. With our tremendous global network of employees committed to your success, I can assure you that you will experience the same level of support without any lag or interruption.

For specific ways that we can quickly help you address supply chain challenges, read this blog post. If you have any questions, you can contact our global support team here.

Supporting our Employees

The fast-changing social and economic environments have required our leadership team to take responsible decisions to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers, which includes advising our employees across the world to work from home. Due to our excellent technology infrastructure, all our operations and our global team members are adapting to the new normal. It is our social responsibility to mitigate the spread of the virus and we are adhering to local recommendations from governments and authorities in all areas in which we operate.

Creating Value

We know the Syncron Service Cloud serves critical needs in your businesses, especially so in this dynamic environment. You have my commitment that our teams around the world are fully focused on supporting our customers to minimize any economic impact to their businesses while also laying the foundation for future success.

I am inspired as I see our local communities and the world coming together to fight this health crisis. Our team is part of your business and we are dedicated to supporting you all through this unprecedented time. Please stay safe and know that you can count on Syncron!

Sincerely yours,



Anders Grudén
CEO, Syncron


What is Syncron’s Business Continuity Plan?

Syncron maintains a robust business continuity management program reviewed on an annual basis. Individual lines of business across Syncron have specific plans based on the nature of impacts possible to our business operations. Syncron takes an impact-based approach to business continuity management by designing preparedness and response plans that address the availability of our workforce, workplaces, technologies, and critical interdependencies. Syncron’s employee population size and geographic dispersion provide an inherent resiliency advantage. Finally, offices experiencing reduced staffing have maintained essential business processes and customer support resulting in no disruptions to customer services to date.

Will my cloud services be impacted?

Syncron remains committed to meeting its service level agreements for our cloud services. We have designed our Service Cloud around the highly available, robust and scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services. We are driving towards having all services architected and operated in an active/active design, spread across multiple availability zones, which increases resiliency. Our cloud operations teams are spread globally and continue to work efficiently in the current working from home situation. At this time, we do not expect any disruption to our Service Cloud availability due to the COVID-19 situation.

Do you have any concerns regarding support or staffing for customer installs?

Syncron’s employee population depth and geographic dispersion provide inherent resilience to the continuity of our hardware and services globally. Our employees routinely provide a large percentage of customer focused and facing services through a variety of virtual methods. Syncron will increase the use of these methods across all interactions with customer to minimize impact to active implementation projects and customer care activity. We are committed to meeting all our agreements throughout this situation, so that your business can continue to operate as normal.

How can I get updates on COVID-19 from Syncron?

Syncron will advise you of any important service notifications via your standard account contacts and communication channels. If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, Syncron requests that they be channeled through your existing Account Management (Customer Success Manager, Sales Executive) or Account Service teams (Service Managers, Project Managers) that you use for all routine business communications. For global Customer Support, click here.

Should any customer interaction technology become unavailable temporarily, how can I contact support?

If you need to contact support, there are several ways to communicate your need for assistance. As a reminder, the different ways to contact support are:


Americas: +1 844-494-6565
Asia/Pacfic: +81 345 10 8565
Europe: +46 (0)40 20 65 65
United Kingdom: +44 117 325 6565



We have experts available in all time zones ready to help you using any of these different communication methods.

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