Customer Advisory Board

Be a Part of Shaping the Future of Syncron Solutions

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Customer Advisory Board
Customer Voice is at the Center of the Board

Syncron was founded on the idea that after-sales service acts as a significant source of competitive differentiation, revenue, profits and customer loyalty. Every day Syncron helps the world’s leading manufacturers to exceed their customers’ expectations, while simultaneously improving revenue and profits. We rely on insights from our customers to drive our innovations and keep us at the cutting edge of empowering an industry embracing new digital technologies and service models to transition from a traditional break-fix model selling products to selling products as a service (PaaS).

As a member of our Customer Advisory Board (CAB), you will play a vital role in helping Syncron continue to shape the future of the manufacturing industry. Your experience and insight will help Syncron better understand how market trends are impacting your organizational strategy and how our team can alleviate roadblocks to improve the customer experience through impactful technological innovations and enterprise strategy.

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Customer Advisory Board
Represent the Needs of Your Organization and the Larger Industry

Members of the Customer Advisory Board will provide Syncron with the following guidance;

  • Organize and focus customer recommendations on the most important issues by evaluating current state of products and sharing candid feedback on product or service gaps and strengths
  • Provide a customer point of contact on development projects.
  • Identify and discuss customer and industry best practices for the aftersales service industry.
  • Identify requirements to facilitate the development of future product versions helping preview and prioritize product roadmap strategy and timeline.
  • Discuss potential solution and implementation approaches identified by Syncron.
  • Involve customers in the current and next development life cycle at periodic review points.
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customer advisory board syncron
Customer Advisory Board
Network, Learn and Share with Likeminded Professionals

CAB members will have the following benefits:

  • May influence the development of Syncron product functionality to meet their needs and the needs of their industry.
  • Have advanced knowledge of Syncron plans and development.
  • Obtain a preview of Syncron feature plans.
  • Share and gain knowledge and experience among other Customer Advisory Board members.
  • May lead to participation as a development partner or early adopter of new capabilities

Participation in the Syncron CAB is voluntary and offers customers an opportunity to convey their recommendation to the Syncron product groups.

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Make the Commitment

Syncron customers interested in being a part of the Customer Advisory Board need to make the commitment for at least 12 to 18 months. It is anticipated that this may require one to two day meetings that occur once or twice per year. In addition, there may be additional preparation time required and conference calls to address focus items. Please review the entire scope of membership requirements in the Customer Advisory Board Charter Document. Once you’ve requested membership, your organizational requirements will be reviewed and you’ll be notified of approval.

Please complete the form below for membership consideration.

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