8 Ways to Uncover Hidden After-Sales Service Revenue in 2019

The responsibility for ensuring maximized product uptime is shifting from the end-user to the manufacturer. This shift means manufacturers need to start uncovering ways to increase cost efficiencies throughout the entire value chain. And, that need to uncover hidden after-sales service revenue is ultimately driving them to completely transform business logic, company cultures and product […]

Overhauling Manufacturing Infrastructure to Maximize Product Uptime

It’s no secret that maximizing product uptime is critical to the success of nearly all end-users of long-lasting, durable goods. In fact, in today’s world, if a product goes down, customers simply won’t pay to use it. This realization is causing the business model transformation race to kick up a notch, and original equipment manufacturers […]

3 Key Trends to Watch for Automotive Manufacturers

This post was originally featured on Manufacturing.Net Collecting insights from academics, customers and industry leaders, Syncron recently set out to understand how manufacturers can capitalize on the megatrend of servitization, where manufacturers shift from selling a product itself to the outcome or value that the product delivers. After our discussions, it became clear that 2019 […]