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Beyond the Basics: Parts Pricing Tactics for Best-in-Class Manufacturers

July 30, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 10:30 am EDT

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As manufacturers continue to adapt to the COVID-19 threat, aftersales executives are under a tremendous amount of pressure to implement new strategies to drive results quickly – leading to lost focus and productivity. On the back of our popular “Back to Basics” webinar on optimized pricing, Syncron and Carlisle & Co. look to offer additional pricing insights.

Join Syncron’s Jan Barbrock and Carlisle’s Adam Brody on July 30th at 10 AM EDT where we will discuss intermediate-level pricing strategies that companies can use after they have already established the fundamental building blocks of successful pricing.

Highlights of the discussion will include:

  •  Conducting competitive price profiling to understand price strategies from competing OEM and aftermarket players
  • Analytical strategies to measure where each product is in its lifecycle, and how lifecycle stage can be used in conjunction with inventory levels to execute yield-based pricing
  • How to effectively plan, execute, and analyze promotions
  • Global pricing best practices for managing price corridors in multiple regions of the world, each with different competitive landscapes and unique market requirements
  • Segmenting customers effectively to control net pricing across many different channels, markets, and even product line

This will be an interactive, Q&A-style discussion. Have a question you’d like answered about parts pricing? Submit it with your registration and we may answer it live on the webinar!



Jan Barbrock
Director of Solutions at Syncron


Adam Brody
Manager, Pricing Strategy at Carlisle & Co.

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