How History Can Predict the Future of Manufacturing

The end of the season brought weaker than expected automotive sales, bringing the industry to its steepest decline so far this year. Sales dropped 7% from the previous July, to 1.4 million cars and light trucks. And with the automotive industry standing as the country’s largest manufacturing sector, this auto sales spiral could have huge […]

How to Build the Pricing Muscle Within a Growing Organization

With the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) Fall Workshop right around the corner, we’re looking back some of the top takeaways from the spring conference where pricing’s foremost thought-leaders came together to uncover the expanding scope of pricing today. During the event, Syncron had the opportunity to hear from Sharad Chadha, General Pricing Manager of Global Services […]

The List of Emerging Technology is Growing: Are You Ready For It?

Emerging technologies have been making their way to the forefront of after-sales service for years. Drones and driverless cars are making Jetson-like inventions a reality, and the possibilities behind augmented and virtual reality have endless opportunities in field service. Even 3D printing is anticipated to grow by more than 31 percent before 2020, generating more than […]

Turning Your Team into Automation Advocates, One Price at a Time

Automation is sweeping the nation. With emerging technologies all around us, and the legitimization of the Internet of Things (officially deemed a phrase by Merriam-Webster this year), the idea of doing anything manually seems almost archaic. But, in reality, intelligent software automation should be measured on a continuum. For years, manual, or “cost-plus,” pricing models […]

Building a Sustainable After-Sales Service Foundation for the Future

The success of any digital end-to-end operating model for after-sales service lies in the organizations ability to deliver the perfect customer experience: the right product, in the right quantity, at the right price, at the right time. Because of these rising customer expectations, competitiveness depends on performance at every level of the global supply chain. Ultimately, […]

How to Use After-Sales Service as a Profit Lever for Corporate Growth

Change is never easy. Whether it’s a shift in focus for product development, a change in direction for marketing and messaging, or the all too familiar fluctuation of demand within the market, change within an after-sales service organization takes dedication and patience – not to mention deft strategy. Earlier this year the Syncron team got […]