Mitigating Manufacturing Risks in Today’s Changing World

Each new year we’re welcomed with a clean slate – a fresh opportunity to reflect on how our decisions will dictate our future endeavors, and how to improve upon past processes. But, with new industry opportunities always comes new manufacturing risks, and in the world of after-sales service, unique challenges arrive on the horizon every […]

From Owning to Subscribing: A New Wave for Product Uptime

When it comes to the shift from owning to subscribing, both challenges and opportunities exist for manufacturers and rental companies alike. As we progress into the new year, organizations need to transform and optimize their after-sales service businesses to become more customer-centric and product uptime focused in 2018. That’s why, in our newest eBook, “2018 After-sales Service […]

Guiding Manufacturers to Empower their Workforce in 2018

Organizational strategies revolving around an improved customer experience and operational workforce advancements are well underway, and it’s clear that through things like data, automation, and a shift in focus toward service are some of the keys to the castle. After all, some of the biggest opportunities on the horizon for today’s manufacturers lie in the […]

Why Service-Related Tech Spend is More Important Than Ever

As we look in the rearview mirror, it’s no secret that product-based revenues have been on the decline, and margins are diminishing in maturing industries such as high tech, aerospace, motor vehicles and consumer and industrial products. But after-sales service margins, on the other hand, remain healthy – and according to a study by The […]

Q+A with Johan Stakeberg on the Opportunities and Risks Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

We asked some of the after-sales service industry thought leaders to share their insights on the major trends manufacturers will see in the new year for our newest ebook, “2018 After-sales Service Predictions: Strategies for Empowering Manufacturers to Deliver Game-Changing Value.” Read our Q&A below with Johan Stakeberg on the opportunities and risks he sees shaping the […]