Tales from the World of After-sales: Dealerships, Digitize or Die

« Hello, you’ve reached Bob Jones of [insert major automotive brand] Dealership in [insert my hometown]. Please leave a message. Thanks. » Now why, in this technologically advanced age, would I still be calling a dealership service manager for modern after-sales service experiences? To explain, let’s go back to the beginning. Antiquated Service Equals Angry Customers The […]

The Year of Product Uptime, Where Service Is the New Product

What’s the best experience you’ve ever had with the service side of an organization? The other day, after the multi-click process of an online order, I realized (too late) that I’d ordered the wrong product. When it arrived, I reached out to the service support team to exchange the product, only to find out the […]

Is Your After-Sales Service Strategy Driven by Data?

The term “data-driven” is buzzing around a lot these days, and is often an indicator of a forward-thinking, innovative company. But is your organization actually driven by data? The term “data-driven” refers to what information you collect, how you collect it, and what you do with it post-analysis. It means intentionally and deliberately gathering and utilizing […]

Digital Transformation: Not As Futuristic As We’d Like to Believe

This past Sunday night, Americans crowded around their digital screens to experience the most exhilarating and artistic display of athletic competition known to mankind: Superbowl LII commercials. Sure, there was a big game going on, too, but between plays, companies battled it out primetime-style for the coveted title of Best Superbowl Commercial 2018. But among […]