Is Servitization the Key to Heavy Trucking’s Long-term Success?

The heavy trucking industry is booming and there isn’t a slowdown in sight. The number of in-service Class 8 trucks (U.S.) is expected to hover around 3.76 million between 2019-2023 and reach 4.07 million by 2024-2028. This high level of demand is forcing manufacturers to reshape the way they serve their customers. Now more than […]

Why Adopting the Right Technology is Crucial to Making Servitization a Reality

New and emerging technology has always played a key role in manufacturing. But, the adoption of that technology is where true industry revolution takes place. It determines who will rise to the top, and who will fall to the wayside – because, it’s the companies who select technology that streamlines processes, optimizes budget and improves […]

How Optimized After-Sales Service Lays the Groundwork for Maximized Product Uptime

For most heavy equipment, a key measure of effectiveness is reliability. And, for paving equipment specifically, equipment downtime can be downright catastrophic – leading to lost revenue, productivity and more. Unexpected downtime during paving projects comes at a cost to both the manufacturer and the customer, and proactive maintenance through an optimized after-sales service is […]

The 3 People Primed For Service Transformation in 2019

People are the core of after-sales service organizations, making up the workforce that keeps engines running and processes improving. And, despite a natural resistance to change during the evolution of any business, it’s crucial for everyone in the organization to buy into the value of evolving with the industry. Manufacturing as we know it is […]

Game Changers: A Major Disruption Hidden in Plain Sight

They say there’s a difference between product evolution and disruptive innovation. Where one simply improves, recreates or makes additions to a process, the other completely flips a process on its head. True innovation disruption must create an entirely new market, one that turns non-customers into customers. Take Netflix, for example. Back in the day, Blockbuster […]