What do you get when you bring together 100+ pricing experts from across the world for two days of networking, benchmarking and insight-gathering to bridge the gap between pricing and sales? The 5th Annual Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Conference in Amsterdam this May 30-31.

As pricing gains momentum within modern manufacturing organizations, industry leaders and executives are beginning to understand its hidden power. Despite its rising recognition, the responsibility is still scattered across the organization. Copperberg defines the ownership of pricing within a manufacturing organization as a mix of marketing, sales, business development, or a combination of the three.

The moral of this dilemma? Modern manufacturing processes call for dedicated professional pricing experts.

“Organizations need to understand that pricing has never been more important than today.”
– Thomas Igou, Content Director of Copperberg

That’s why this year’s Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Conference is centered around bridging the pricing gap in organizations, and defining it as a critical role in driving profit. Prepare to get the answers to questions like:

  • How do you ensure that prices are both accepted by and supportive to your sales force?
  • What role do data and analytics play in pricing when capturing a product’s true value?
  • How can manufacturers combat lost margins from hidden pricing discounts?

Join us as we share our experience via social and on the blog during the roundtable meetings, performance workshops, content sessions and more. Tweet us @SyncronSCM to connect with a Syncron team member at the event!