3 Key Trends to Watch for Automotive Manufacturers

This post was originally featured on Manufacturing.Net Collecting insights from academics, customers and industry leaders, Syncron recently set out to understand how manufacturers can capitalize on the megatrend of servitization, where manufacturers shift from selling a product itself to the outcome or value that the product delivers. After our discussions, it became clear that 2019 […]

Tales from the World of After-sales: Dealerships, Digitize or Die

« Hello, you’ve reached Bob Jones of [insert major automotive brand] Dealership in [insert my hometown]. Please leave a message. Thanks. » Now why, in this technologically advanced age, would I still be calling a dealership service manager for modern after-sales service experiences? To explain, let’s go back to the beginning. Antiquated Service Equals Angry Customers The […]

The Amazon Effect: First Up, Auto Parts, Next… Lingerie?

When news broke a couple months ago that Amazon, the online retailer behemoth, named the US auto parts industry as its newest target market, brick-and-mortar retailers like Auto Zone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Advance Auto Parts started scrambling like a last-minute March Madness bracketeer. Just a few short weeks later, and the online retailer has […]

Automotive Aftermarket: A Car Isn’t Just a Car Anymore

The global automotive aftermarket grew 4.7 percent in 2016 – which comes as no surprise given the emerging technology and e-commerce developments of the past year. With e-commerce opening direct avenues to consumers, manufacturers can now sell directly to end users through sites like Amazon and Alibaba. And with a shrinking number of physical parts shops […]

Want to Grow Dealership Profits? Focus on Automotive Spare Parts Inventory Management

From the recession to the present, dealerships have depended heavily on service and parts departments to drive profitability. In 2014 alone, total parts sales amounted to $50.6B, with service and parts accounting for a whopping 11.4% of those total dealership sales dollars. But while many dealerships focus on new and used vehicle inventory optimization, aftermarket parts […]

Comment rester compétitif dans le secteur de la distribution des pièces automobiles

Pour la plupart des entreprises spécialisées dans la distribution de pièces détachées, devoir gérer les infrastructures informatiques ne fait pas partie des compétences fondamentales. Ces entreprises sont en effet des experts dans la distribution de produits et de pièces, point barre. Ceci étant dit, le succès de nombreux distributeurs et revendeurs est directement lié à […]