Game Changers: A Major Disruption Hidden in Plain Sight

They say there’s a difference between product evolution and disruptive innovation. Where one simply improves, recreates or makes additions to a process, the other completely flips a process on its head. True innovation disruption must create an entirely new market, one that turns non-customers into customers. Take Netflix, for example. Back in the day, Blockbuster […]

From Owning to Subscribing: A New Wave for Product Uptime

When it comes to the shift from owning to subscribing, both challenges and opportunities exist for manufacturers and rental companies alike. As we progress into the new year, organizations need to transform and optimize their after-sales service businesses to become more customer-centric and product uptime focused in 2018. That’s why, in our newest eBook, “2018 After-sales Service […]

Service Parts and the Uptime Era: 3 Things Manufacturers Need to Be Thinking

Service part availability has always been a stumbling block for manufacturers and their after-sales service organizations. And while there’s always conversation around service parts management among after-sales service pros, the status quo isn’t cutting it anymore. Disruption from whirlwinds like Amazon, millennials in the workforce, emerging technology and rapidly evolving customer expectations are creating huge […]