Introducing Syncron Learning™: 3 Common Questions About the New E-Learning Solution

As advocates of the after-sales service industry, our goal is to put more time back into our customers’ day by empowering them to execute efficient service experiences. And, as we take our customers on that journey toward a revolutionized service experience, we strive every day to provide the right resources that help them get the most […]

Le monde changeant d’aujourd’hui est-il en train de changer le service après-vente ?

Syncron a vu le monde du service après-vente changer profondément au fil des ans. Qu’il s’agisse de notre manière de livrer des biens aux clients, à la manière de maintenir les stocks, la fabrication et le service après-vente sont des pratiques qui n’ont jamais cessé d’évoluer. Mais la constatation qui s’est dégagée de façon prédominante […]

Digitization Myths of After-Sales Service

In 2011, a study conducted by Oxford Economics showed that only 25% of industry executives believed that the manufacturing industry would be impacted by the digital transition during the coming five years. But after the close of 2016, it’s become increasingly clear that digitization is having a huge impact on performance across multiple industries, namely, […]

What a Year for Syncron! 2016 Closes with 67% Increase of ACV

2016 ended with a bang for the Syncron family — an annual contract value (ACV) increase of 67% year-over-year to be exact. This growth comes at a perfect time for the after-sales service industry, for with new sales of durable goods seemingly plateauing worldwide throughout 2016, manufacturers are regularly turning to after-sales service to positively influence revenue, profits and […]

Going Beyond DMS: Systems, Systems Everywhere

Part 2 of Dealer Management Systems Series: In the first part of the series, I discuessed how Software-as-a-Service makes the capabilities and power of dedicated software applications accessible to all businesses, no matter the shape or size. « That’s great! I hear you scream at your monitors as coffee cups smash into your office walls all over the […]