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Increase the aftermarket. Extend the share of the business. Secure long term agreements or generate more service contracts. Launch service products. Or strengthen\, establish. Globalize. Grow. Whatever adjective you use in management meetings to describe the vision of your service business this year\, it’s an adjective with positive resonance and translates to a healthy foundation with an awareness that it’s time to unlock your service potential. \nThere is an optimistic feeling among Service Leaders within the manufacturing industry\, confirmed by a recent Copperberg Research where almost 95% of those surveyed have a (extremely or somewhat) positive view of the future of the Service Business in Europe within the next five years. But how to reach into that untapped potential? Customer expectations and behaviors are rapidly changing. The need for flexible and customizable solutions offers manufacturers the opportunity to create more “performance partner” types of relationships. But this requires a shift in mentality and perception\, to ensure your organization has the internal commitment to invest in the right people and the best-fit technologies to grow. Furthermore\, you need to innovate your business models to develop data-driven services that offer value to your customers and will get you the competitive edge. Finally\, you need to ensure the efficiency of your service delivery and your communications channels (with customers but also suppliers\, dealers…) to create a unique\, omnichannel customer experience that will leave them delighted … and loyal. \nWant to learn more? Visit Syncron at Aftermarket Business Platform! \n URL: LOCATION:Sunlight Hotel\, Nytorget 7\, Nyköping\, 611 38\, Sweden CATEGORIES:Allemagne,Paneuropéen ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID="Europe/Stockholm":20191113T080000 DTEND;TZID="Europe/Stockholm":20191114T230000 DTSTAMP:20190817T134941 CREATED:20190806T141902Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190806T151516Z SUMMARY:Innovate2019 DESCRIPTION:We get it. You’re extremely busy and visiting Sweden in chilly November isn’t exactly on your bucket list. But what if you could be a part of something that will evolve the way your business does everything? What if you could engage with the world’s top minds on the future of discrete manufacturing and build relationships with other thought leaders and innovators from the world’s most valuable brands? What if you could attend an event that wasn’t really an “event” at all\, but an experience that will change the way you think about the future of everything? \nInnovate2019 is the most exclusive and influential experience focused on servitization and the future of your industry. There’s a reason why executives from CAT\, Nissan\, Navistar\, Manitou\, Hitachi and many others have made the strategic decision to be a part of what’s going to take place in Stockholm in November. There’s a reason why thought-leaders from McKinsey\, IDC\, and Bocconi University have said\, “yes\, I need to speak at this event.” That reason is very simple. It’s because they recognize there’s a very important dialogue taking place about the transformational shift in the way manufacturers conduct business and they want to be part of it. \nRegistration Details \nCompleting the registration process for Innovate2019 will reserve your space at the event. Registration fees of kr4 995 + VAT include access to all sessions Wednesday and Thursday\, provided meals including lunch/dinner Wednesday and breakfast/lunch/reception dinner Thursday. It does not include transportation to and from the airport or surrounding areas. \nHotel Reservations \nPlease note you will have the opportunity to reserve a hotel room at the At Six venue at a negotiated rate of kr2 295 per night. Upon check-in at the hotel you will be asked to provide a personal credit card. \nYou are also welcome to book hotel rooms at a separate property. At Six is centrally located to the city center of Stockholm. \nAdditional Details \nIf you’d like to convert the costs to Euros or another currency you can use a currency calculator. If you have specific questions please reach out to \n URL: LOCATION:Hotel At Six\, Brunkebergstorg 6\, Stockholm\, 111 51\, Sweden CATEGORIES:Monde ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR