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Support Your Field Service Team

Provide one on-demand solution for troubleshooting that seamlessly integrates with your field service management applications.

  • Guide technicians and engineers, so they can be self-sufficient in the field
  • Improve first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction
  • Develop an employee-focused service organization

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AGCO Improves Service Resolution Time and Technician Productivity

Simplify field service management for more efficient service delivery

A support infrastructure built to unite

Your field teams are the face of your company, and their ability to resolve your customers’ problems can make or break the brand experience. Wasted time, inefficient expertise, and disjointed communication can lead to poor service and customer churn. Merging your entire service operations onto a single digital platform allows field teams to focus on helping your customers, ensuring brand loyalty stays intact.

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Expand customer visibility into rendered services and simplify access to self-service capabilities.


Improve technician utilization, automate service tasks, and increase first-time fix rates.


Optimize dispatch and scheduling, better integrate with service partners, and gain analytical insights.


Increase aftermarket revenues and monetize customer touchpoints throughout the service lifecycle.

Empower your customers


Make it easier for your customers to resolve simple issues on their own and provide easy access to your teams for the larger ones.

  • Elevate your customers’ self-help capabilities
  • Simplify how service requests are submitted
  • Provide real-time visibility into service activities
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Make knowledge readily available

With an easily accessible and searchable knowledge base, your customers can find the information they need to resolve simple issues on their own, which will reduce the number of calls into your contact center.

Create an engagement portal

Through a centralized portal, your customers can easily submit service requests and provide detailed information and attachments, and with their information connected with yours, your team can respond faster.

Communicate with purpose

Enhance your customers’ service experience by proactively providing notifications and alerts on the status of service requests and service jobs and make it easy for them to sign, pay, and provide feedback.

Technician Mobilization
Boost your field team’s productivity

Technician mobilization

Enable technicians with the right knowledge, tools, and parts to get the job done.

  • Increase first-time fix rates
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Improve technician utilization
  • Report and track time
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Accelerate service resolutions

Improve first-time fix rates and boost the overall service experience with on-hand access to knowledge, step-by-step illustrations, technical support, parts, and tools needed to perform service jobs.

Streamline the preparation process

Automate tasks with the digitalization of inspections, work orders, and forms, giving time back to technicians so they can focus on the service job at hand.

Optimize scheduling and management

Through a centralized digital portal, field teams and their managers can manage schedules, routes, and time to improve technician utilization and time on the job.

Keep track of jobs and performance

Provide an easy way for technicians to report and track the time they spend on work orders, travel, and non-billable tasks. Perform better labor cost analysis by tracking time for each service task or labor line.

Service orchestration
Alleviate the stress of managing field teams

Service orchestration

Eliminate departmental silos and disparate systems and better connect teams, customers, and processes.

  • Optimize dispatch and scheduling
  • Manage field service networks
  • Leverage insights and improve performance
  • Decrease overhead and accelerate billing and payments
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Plan and deploy efficiently

Automate scheduling based on skills, availability, and customer preferences; optimize routes with advanced algorithms; and adapt and adjust to changes in real-time.

Integrate all servicing entities

Ensure optimal service is delivered with the right skills, tools, and parts, regardless of whether you’re utilizing an internal field workforce, partner network, independent contractors, or all three.

Boost service execution

Monitor and manage service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction and performance adhere to service level agreements (SLA), operational KPIs, and profitability goals.

Digitally transform operations

Push your field service organization to reach its full potential by leveraging a centralized platform and cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies.

Service Plans & Parts
Gain additional aftermarket revenues

Service plans and parts

Increase service plan purchases and monetize customer touchpoints.

  • Grow service plans and parts revenues
  • Leverage field teams for cross-selling opportunities
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Boost aftermarket revenues

Present your customers with purchasable options, such as accessories, parts, services, and protection plans online where they come to view their products, increasing the likelihood of aftermarket revenue generation.

Monetize customer touch points

Cross-sell relevant service plans, accessories, and upgrade offerings through internal and external field teams to increase aftermarket revenues.

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