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The aerospace & defense industry is moving away from the decades-old practice of selling service parts, to a Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) model, making those in the industry adopt new, digital strategies. Aircraft, component manufacturers, and MROs face new pressures to maximize efficiency and to take control of major parts of their value chains.

Downtime can be detrimental, whether it’s a commercial airline or military aircraft. Ensuring maximum asset utilization and minimizing the time the aircraft is on the ground are top priorities. Having the right service parts in the right place at the right time is as critical to success in this industry as anywhere else, and with Syncron, manufacturers can do just this.

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Reinvent pricing

As the industry shifts to a Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) model, optimizing service parts pricing can be a significant revenue and profit driver. Many companies still rely on manual processes and Excel spreadsheets to price service parts. With Syncron, aerospace and defense manufacturers can reinvent their service parts pricing, implementing a value-based approach and enabling teams to better analyze and respond to changing market conditions. Ultimately, automating and optimizing service parts pricing leads to improved revenue and profits.

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Profitable Contracts

In aerospace and defense, assets are utilized in extreme environments, often in different ways by each customer. Since one size doesn’t fit everyone, this becomes a challenge when it comes to pricing service contracts. With Syncron, OEM’s and service providers will be able to leverage machine learning to clearly identify risk and profitability profiles ahead of signing contracts without compromising the value offering to customers.

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Anticipate demand

Predicting demand can be tricky, especially since lead times for parts can be lengthy, and can only come from a certified supplier. With Syncron, manufacturers can better anticipate demand, using advanced algorithms and analytics to properly stock service parts in the best places to ensure maximum uptime. This helps manufacturers know when and where replacement parts need to be ordered and stocked, oftentimes eliminating excess inventories and overhead costs. Plus, when parts are stocked appropriately, maximum uptime is guaranteed.

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Maximize uptime

As Performance-Based Logistics becomes the norm, the need for pre-emptive maintenance is more important than ever. For manufacturers in the aerospace and defense industries, it means they must maximize equipment uptime to also maximize revenue.

Syncron allows manufacturers to leverage IoT-enabled aircraft and parts to proactively replace or repair parts before they fail. The solution integrates this predictive maintenance with existing systems, helping OEMs better understand equipment behavior, replace parts before they fail and coordinate maintenance events seamlessly.

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