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Recent global shortage in semiconductor chip supply has highlighted the need for stronger supply chain integration and optimization across the full value chain. For high-tech and electronics manufacturers with a multi-echelon supply chain, maintaining uptime can be challenging. End-to-end demand forecasting accuracy can only be as good as the weakest link the supply chain. At the same time, high-tech manufacturers are uncovering the huge potential of services around their appliances to drive new levels of profitability and to strengthen competitive differentiation.

At Syncron, we understand the dynamic nature of high-tech and electronic manufacturing, and that service-part inventory requirements aren’t always tied to historical usage in the field. Syncron enables you to meet your SLA agreements and provide exceptional customer experiences.

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high tech electronics after-sales service
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Optimize field service

The world is evolving at a fast pace, and there has never been a more important time to embrace innovation in field service. Today’s on-demand economy has elevated customers’ service expectations, and brands must keep up.

With Syncron, high tech and electronic companies can ensure industry-leading first time fix rates — saving both time and money, while simultaneously providing a great customer experience. And, as emerging technology evolves, it is more important than ever to integrate predictive maintenance events with field service management systems to repair equipment before it ever breaks down.

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Anticipate demand

Predicting demand can be tricky, especially with large install bases, varying levels of equipment usage, last-time buy challenges and a multi-echelon supply chain.

Syncron helps companies more effectively size inventory for the business, using advanced algorithms and analytics to properly stock service parts in the best places to ensure maximum uptime. This helps manufacturers know when and where replacement parts need to be ordered and stocked, oftentimes eliminating excess inventories and overhead costs. Plus, when parts are stocked appropriately, customers are guaranteed a great service experience.

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Minimize downtime

For high tech and electronic companies, uptime is critical. Uptime means customers are satisfied, and that the manufacturer is maximizing revenue.

Syncron helps companies leverage IoT-enabled parts (or ‘smart’ parts) to proactively replace or repair a part before it fails. The solution integrates with existing systems, helping companies better understand equipment behavior, replace parts before they fail and coordinate maintenance events seamlessly.

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