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In the oil and gas space, there are several layers of complexity when it comes to managing assets.

Due to the global nature and mission-critical necessity of replacement and rotable parts, oil and gas companies are seeking central planning solutions to positively impact the bottom line.

With Syncron, oil and gas companies can view their after-sales service organizations from a global perspective, all the way down to a granular view of equipment, emerging trends and geographies. Syncron seamlessly integrates into the company’s ERP system, and optimizes service part stock levels — helping companies improve revenue and profit margins.

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Minimize downtime

As service agreements become standard, the need for pre-emptive maintenance is more important than ever. For companies in the oil and gas industries, it means they must maximize equipment uptime to also maximize revenue.

Syncron allows these companies to leverage IoT-enabled equipment and parts to proactively replace or repair parts before they fail. The solution integrates this predictive maintenance with existing systems, helping to better understand equipment behavior, replace parts before they fail and coordinate maintenance events seamlessly.

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Profitable Contracts for Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS)

In the oil and gas industry, equipment utilization is everything. Companies are now adapting to the new service economy and providing service offerings that align with outcomes and utilization vs. pure product sales. The risk in pricing these contracts can make or break a business. With Syncron, OEM’s and service providers leverage machine learning to clearly identify risk and profitability profiles ahead of signing contracts without compromising the value offering to customers.

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Locate parts

Traditionally, oil and gas companies carry large amounts of service parts in the field to minimize disruptions. Many of these companies now face older, legacy equipment that frequently needs repairs, making it increasingly complex to manage parts inventory.

With Syncron, companies can better anticipate demand, using advanced algorithms and analytics to properly stock service parts in the best places to ensure maximum uptime. This helps indicate when and where replacement parts need to be ordered and stocked, oftentimes eliminating excess inventories and overhead costs. Plus, when parts are stocked appropriately, maximum uptime is guaranteed.

Additionally, if a part has failed at a particular location, service technicians need to be able to find the replacement part quickly. The Syncron solution allows technicians to automatically scan the network to find the nearest available part, and quickly retrieve it — ensuring maximum uptime.

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Optimize field service

The world is evolving at a fast pace, and there has never been a more important time to embrace innovation in field service. Today’s on-demand economy has elevated service expectations, and brands must keep up.

With Syncron, oil and gas companies can ensure industry-leading first time fix rates — saving both time and money, while simultaneously providing a great customer experience. And, as emerging technology evolves, it is more important than ever to integrate predictive maintenance events with field service management systems to repair equipment before it ever breaks down.

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