Wholesale & Distribution

The wholesale and distribution industry can be challenging due to working with a variety of suppliers that have many different lead times.

Managing inventories can be difficult as the go-between these suppliers and the end-customers.

In a very competitive market — nearly every wholesaler is selling relatively similar products — and with many different slow or fast moving, erratic and seasonal SKUs, wholesalers and distributors’ biggest challenges are visibility and demand. With Syncron, these companies can better anticipate demand and ensure service parts are stocked when and where they are needed.

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Wholesale & Distribution

Anticipate demand

Predicting demand can be tricky, especially when working with multiple suppliers with varied levels of reliability. Lapses in part availability and customer service can be a costly combination in a highly competitive industry.

With Syncron, wholesale and distribution companies can better anticipate demand and stock service parts in the optimal locations, giving a level of ‘safety stock’ where it’s necessary. This gives wholesalers and distributors the insight to know when and where replacement parts need to be ordered and stocked, oftentimes eliminating excess inventories and overhead costs.

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Wholesale & Distribution

Manage data

With more data than ever available, many companies across a variety of industries are struggling with how to use it well. And wholesalers and distributors are no different, facing similar data challenges.

With Syncron, these companies can scale these data challenges and make it actionable — helping to more effectively manage service parts inventory. Integrating with business and trading partners, reducing data costs, improving data quality ultimately help these brands improve customer service and satisfaction.

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Wholesale & Distribution

Plan ahead

Wholesalers and distributors house large volumes of service parts from multiple suppliers. With this amount of new information always circulating, planning ahead is key to success. Failure to fulfill any requirements could ultimately prompt customers to switch to a competitive provider.

With Syncron, wholesalers and distributors can use algorithms and analytics to properly stock service parts around their networks — leading to optimized service part levels and eliminating excess inventory, delivering a better customer experience.

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