It’s no secret the world is changing, and it’s changing fast. There are multiple demographic, economic and social trends pushing manufacturers to transform their after-sales service organizations, and shift from a reactive, break-fix model to maximizing product uptime. Companies that embrace this change will achieve new levels of financial performance, customer loyalty and competitive differentiation.

Syncron has seen the world of after-sales service change immensely over the years. From the way we deliver goods to customers, to the way stocks are maintained, manufacturing and after-sales service is an ever-evolving practice.


That’s why we’re hosting the After-sales Excellence Forum, a half-day event on Thursday, October 12th at The Icetank, London. Here, we’ll show manufacturers how to embrace this changing world and optimize your after-sales service operations. Attendees should plan to learn how to leverage after-sales service as a growth and profit lever, how optimized service parts inventory greatly improves service operations, and how to overcome the challenges facing after-sales service professionals today.

Here’s a sneak peek into the event agenda:

How a Changing World is Changing Aftersales Service

A large part of our changing world is the continuation of emerging technologies that are affecting after-sales services. From drones, to augmented reality, IoT, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and more, it’s clear that after-sales service needs to adapt alongside with these changes – both in regards to technology and our customer expectations. How will after-sales service organizations use technology to accelerate innovation across their businesses? In this session, Syncron’s VP Enterprise Sales EMEA, Gill Devine, will share her insights on how some of the most popular emerging tech has impacted after-sales service.

Grabbing the Bull by its Parts

How exactly is after-sales capability innovation is transforming parts and equipment manufacturing? In this session, Servispart Consulting Director and one of the UK’s leading experts on after-sales growth and servitization of manufacturing businesses, Adrian Botham, will explain how the advancements and innovations in after-sales capabilities is transforming parts and equipment manufacturers to enhance growth, competitiveness and customer value.

Deep-Dive into Service Parts Optimization

Pricing and inventory management are the key areas in after-sales service where optimization can dramatically impact the service supply chain by improving revenue, profits, and overall customer loyalty. Optimizing service parts planning and pricing is a delicate balance that requires platform synergies across the board. Syncron’s own Erik Kjellström will be leading deep dive discussion into how to optimize and pair service parts planning and pricing.

Aftermarket Threats and What the Future Holds

A changing market inherently means new threats to the system. Mike Smallbone, Membership Development Manager at IAAF will give an overview of the IAAF work as a Trade Association, some of their members and how they fit into the Supply Chain. This involves discussing the threat that the Connected Car potentially has on after-sales service, along with the “Right to Choose” in relation to Block Exemption Regulation.

Join us as we share our experience via social and on the blog during the roundtable meetings, performance workshops, content sessions and more. The event will end with a wrap up Q&A, followed by a Wine Tasting Experience at the Icetank venue in London, an experience you won’t want to miss! To register, click here and find out what more you could be doing to start exceeding your after-sales goals today.