As 2017 comes to a close, manufacturers are becoming more and more optimistic about the future. New orders, output, exports and employment are expanding, with demand for new products at the highest levels in six years. But, moving into the new year and beyond brings challenges, opportunities and a time to reflect and plan for the goals of the future.

It’s no secret the world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Developments in everything from technology, education, healthcare, energy, politics and the economy are transforming many industries, especially manufacturing. To succeed, manufacturers must completely transform their organizations, specifically after-sales service – McKinsey even says, “OEMs may find untapped goldmines in aftermarket services by strengthening their core business in parts, repair and maintenance.”

That’s why we created our newest ebook, 2018 After-sales Service Predictions: Strategies for Transforming Manufacturing Organizations to Deliver Game-Changing Value – to help manufacturers navigate this ever-changing world.


In this ebook, we collected insight from multiple industry thought leaders to hear how manufacturers can capitalize on this major business opportunity to improve customer loyalty and financial performance in the new year. Here are some of the key predictions based on those insights:

  • After-sales service will serve as a key revenue and profit lever.
  • Service will shift from a break-fix model to a subscription-based model focused on maximizing product uptime.
  • Successfully implementing emerging technologies and sophisticated data management will be necessary for success.
  • The workforce and organizational structure for manufacturers is evolving.
  • Amazon and other disruptors are forcing change.

Download our brand new ebook today to hear more from Friedrich Baumann, Sumair Dutta, Carsten Knudsen, Gene Metheny, and Syncron’s own Anders Grudén, Gary Brooks, Erik Lindholm, and Johan Stakeberg on the major trends manufacturers will see in 2018 and beyond, and how to implement new business processes and technologies to win.