On the road again, Syncron just can’t wait to get on the road again – to the Netherlands, that is! With Syncron team members all over the globe, it’s impossible for us to miss an after-sales industry event, no matter the location, and this week we’re hitting the 600Minutes Supply Chain event in Bussum.

The event is a gathering of the world’s leading supply chain, logistics, procurement and operations executives exploring the supply chain from end-to-end in the digital era.

“It’s great talking to people from other companies, sharing experiences and problems that we all face, and hearing how they’ve tackled them… [now] you know who to contact for further discussions when you have an issue to tackle.” – Bart Holsbergen, Chief Enterprise Architect at NN Insurance International

With insights from more than 35,000 interviews and 10,000 online survey responses, the event’s meetings and workshops provide a comprehensive perspective from top leaders across Europe and Asia.

We’re looking forward to learning more about pressing pricing topics like:

  •  A Future Proof Supply Chain: Predictive, Agile and Responsive
  • On/Offline (Co)Operations & Strategy
  • Data & Disruption in Supply Chain Logistics
  • The Supply Chain Professional 2.0
  • Transportation: Innovations & the New Sharing Economy

Join us as we share our experience via social and on the blog during the roundtable meetings, performance workshops, content sessions and more. Tweet us @SyncronSCM to connect with a Syncron team member at the event!


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