Welcome back! We’re here at Field Service in Palm Springs. Day one we tackled intensive workshops, and now it’s day two, and first up to the podium was Gary Brooks, CMO at Syncron, sharing his thoughts on the importance of making the transition from delivering products to delivering business outcomes. Later, we heard from from AT&T and Lenovo on building a culture around the customer experience and the transformation from a product to a customer experience company.

And next on stage was a dynamic panel, led by Vivek Shah, Senior Product Director at Syncron, alongside Len VanderHulst, Head of Service Business Development at Mettler-Toledo, Alvaro Pombo, Founder and CEO of ProntoForms, and Suzanne El Naggar, Director of Worldwide Customer Success Data Center Systems at Western Digital. Together, they’re discussing data collection and analysis, and how to slice and dice your way to greater service outcomes.

Check out the top 10 takeaways from the panel below:

1. When it comes to data collection, it’s not about the why – but the how. How do you get started today to pull value out of the data?

2. Data is not a one way street. Understand what, why and how you’re using the data in order to improve.

3. Customer success data is everything. Without it, you don’t know what the pulse is on your business.

4. Remember the three Ms: management, metrics and money. Get executive buy-in, measure KPIs and invest to make it a reality.

5. Data may have a shelf life. But, in machine learning, historic data is key – so don’t discount it!

6. Context is the glue of data collection. Data can truly provide a single point of truth for your contextual success.

7. Sometimes geological processes move faster than change within an organization. Use data collection to help justify the next step toward servitization.

8. When you have data in different silos, visualization is key. Stitch the silos together and merge data to find hidden treasures.

9. Data practice starts with the human. It’s about touching each and every person that the data influences.

10. You need to get started today. Don’t wait for a big bang result, look for small victories along the way.

They say you can only improve what you can measure, and when it comes to data that measurement is a moving target every day. But, when it comes to field service, being able to acquire high-quality data, manage it successfully, and use its analysis for future organizational and customer benefits is key to turning data into information you can actually use to measure the customer experience and earn customer loyalty.


Join us as we live blog our experience during the performance workshops, interactive working groups, and so much more. With nearly a week’s worth of networking, technology and strategy, we’re sure to walk away with some of the best tools in field service support and customer experience today!